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Comment Re:Opposite (Score 1) 545

I'm a gen X'er and I *know* I won't have a pension. Even if I retire, the government or the pension providers will default on me - either through inflation, or just because the damn pension providers will flatly announce they just don't have anything left in their coffers. I know this because they've already done it to my dad, who was born in the silent generation. So it's nothing new, but it sure won't get no better.

So, I'm not putting any money in a system that'll shaft me and I'm not saving anything for old age - most likely I'll be working until I die anyway.

Gen X'er here too. I figure that I'll probably end up working until I die, even though I have a decent amount of money set aside in my 401k account. I have over 20 years until I reach normal retirement age (67), but I have absolutely no faith that Socialist Insecurity will be around when I get that old. I'm saving for my wife's sake, so she'll have enough when I'm gone. She also has a pretty good amount set aside in her 401k.

Comment If only... (Score 1, Insightful) 263

"With so much focus in politics, the world is in danger of forgetting that so much of what really changes the future happens outside completely of politics. It happens inside the mind of dreamers, designers, inventors, technologists, entrepreneurs," he said.

Until the politicians ban, mandate or regulate the science, technology or business.

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 344

Agreed. Cell phones are too prolific... hands free tech should be in all modern vehicles. I will say that dialing should be made better. In my car, I click a button the steering wheel then with another button on the wheel I scroll and pick one of my 6 main contacts. If they aren't on that list, I can't be bothered with it. Voice activation is nice in theory, but never works for phone calls in my car the way it should. Strangely enough voice navigation works well enough to use.

What kind of car do you have? Hands free voice calling works great in my 2015 Ford Explorer, even with the cruddy Sync system.

Comment Re:So you exclude half the taxes and what you get? (Score 2) 903

The argument that we should be happy because our taxes are lower than other countries is a bit like telling Mary that she should be happy that her husband only beats her twice a week, because Jane's husband beats her three times a week.

And what do we get for those taxes? Soaring education & medical costs with reduced quality, dilapidated bridges & roads, wars against countries that pose no threat to our national security, agricorps that get subsidies to not grow food, etc.

Now I'm just waiting for some wise-cracker to say "If you hate government so much, you should move to Somalia." I don't hate government, but I do hate corruption, waste and bureaucratic red tape. Apparently, being against those things makes you some sort of anarchist with Somalia being your only option, instead of returning your federal government back to a limited, constitutionally defined role.

Comment Re:$93.8M of my tax dollars (Score 1) 755

And overthrowing "the bad guy(tm)" sounds like a great idea. But it did NOT work out last time.

We supported Hussein in order to fight the Iranians. Then he turned against us. We supported bin Laden in order to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Then he turned against us. What are the chances that we're going to end up having whoever we support in this whole dust-up turn against us after they get what they want?

Comment Re:It's called insurance (Score -1, Troll) 95

You want something like retirement and healthcare, budget and pay for it like an adult instead of working looking for a nanny.

The original poster did say you save AND BUY INSURANCE like an adult.

No, no he did not. That all-caps assertion was just something you imagined.

Or maybe it was something you failed to comprehend. It certainly seems to be implied, even though it's not explicitly stated. With such poor critical thinking skills among the masses, it's no wonder they turn to the government to be their nanny.

Comment All I want is A La Carte. (Score 2) 43

There isn't any "cord cutting" TV service I can get that lets me only select the channels I want. Every single one (DirectTV Now, PS Vue, Sling TV) forces me to get a bunch of channels I don't want to get the channels I do want. The closest one comes for me is PS Vue's Core Slim package, but I can count 41 out of 61 channels on that package that I have absolutely no interest in, and probably another dozen or so I wouldn't pay for on their own. I'd gladly pay $25/month in order to get the 10 channels or so that I'm actually interested in.

Comment Re:Meet the new boss. (Score 1) 43

Same as the old boss. Selling bundles is exactly what the Cable-Mafia does, and exactly what cord cutters don't want.... But its apple, so iGuess the iSheep will buy it, and claim its the greatest thing since sliced bread...

If they offer them in a bundle for a reduced price, but still offer them individually as well, who cares?

Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 2) 239

Are there big pushes elsewhere to get more men into female-dominated professions?

I've never seen those. Also, there are no big pushes to get more women in male-dominated dangerous and/or low wage jobs either.

I wonder why there isn't a push to get more women into plumbing and electrical? Women make up only 1.5% of those occupations, but those occupations can make really good money.

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