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Submission + - Android data stealing App downloaded by millions (

wisebabo writes: Wallpaper utility (that presents purloined copyrighted material) "quietly collects personal information such as SIM card numbers, text messages, subscriber identification, and voicemail passwords. The data is then sent to, a site that hails from Shenzen, China."

Unlike some previous flame baiting stories, this one surely is "news for nerds, stuff that matters".


Submission + - SPAM: Questions Clayton Trotter Congressional Candidate

tr0tt3r writes: My father Clayton Trotter has won the Republican nomination for Congress in San Antonio T.X. Even my liberal friends and family admit he is an interesting guy. I now have several adopted Haitian siblings. My father had met them before the earthquake at an orphanage he supports, and as a result, after the earthquake he was on the short-list of people who were able to adopt. Apparently having a paper trail dating before the earthquake meant you were less likely to be a human trafficker. So he decided to adopt three kids. He is also a former Business Law Professor at Trinity University and he would be happy to discuss Patent and Copyright law reform, Net Neutrality or other techno-political issues with the Slashdot community. My dad is willing to answer the normal 10 questions voted up by the community, on any issue, technical, political or other.

Fred Trotter

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