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Comment Betteridge's Law (Score 1) 148

One of the best examples of Betteridge's Law of headlines I've seen in quite a while! :)

No, code reuse obviously does not endanger secure software development. It was hard enough for the experts to get ssh right, and you think you're just going to whip one up from scratch? Yer a freakin' idiot if you think that!

Code reuse (like pretty much everything else associated with software development) has risks and benefits. Learn what those risks and benefits are, and stop searching for magical "silver bullets" that fix all your problems. Because they don't exist.

Comment Re:I quit using DVR (Score 2) 137

You want to be behind so you can skip the commercials!

And you typically don't want to be caught watching a game that has already been decided.

Oh no, the horror! Wait, what? I think most people don't want to know the final score till they've seen the game, but I've never met anyone who "didn't want to be caught" watching a completed game. What kind of bizarre personal insecurities cause that? Watching the game on delay has been popular since the VCR appeared, never mind the DVR. (And with the VCR, you had to wait till the game finished before you could start watching.)

Comment Re:Where's the punishment? (Score 2) 22

There's no penalty for lawyers lying.

Actually, there is. The problem is proving it. They're allowed to make honest mistakes, and if you want one punished for lying, you have to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that it was a lie and not an honest mistake. Good luck with that!

But if you can prove it, they can be fined or in extreme cases, disbarred.

Comment Re:GPL (Score 1) 176

That has nothing to do with the GPL. Copyright is a complicated mess. The GPL is relatively straightforward. (Especially by comparison.)

The GPL says: you can follow these simple rules, or go obey regular copyright law. Google chose to obey copyright law, and wrote their own version of Java not based on Oracle's GPL'd code. That's how they got into trouble. If Dalvik had been GPL'd from the start, Google would have been just fine.

Comment Re:That's true (Score 1) 220

Actually, homeopathy doesn't disagree. Homeopathy says they magically turn into cures if they're sufficiently dilute.

Too many people mock homeopathy merely for its magical increasing-dilution-is-stronger claims, and forget to mock it for its toxins-reverse-effect-at-a-certain-dilution-level claims. :)

And really, if you think about it, it's all perfectly logical. Diluting lessens the problem, so if you keep diluting, eventually the problem becomes zero, and therefore, if you keep diluting, simple extrapolation shows that the problem level must go negative at that point, if it's truly still lessening. And a negative problem is a cure. QED. :D

Comment Re:but - (Score 1) 220

Now now, don't mock the poor AI. It's impressive enough that it was able to parse the summary well enough to post its complaint. Expecting it to reliably understand figurative language and idioms is really a bit much, given the state of the art.

I mean, if an actual human had posted that comment, it would be pretty laughable, but people on Slashdot are supposed to be reasonably intelligent, so I have to assume it was an experimental AI. :)

Comment Re:Not so sure (Score 1) 165

As an American, I think that describing the UK or Ireland as having "a lack of language barriers" to be hopelessly naive.

"The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language." -- George Bernard Shaw

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Germany had a higher percentage of people who are fluent in American English than the UK or Ireland. :)

Anyway, according to the EU, Ireland speaks Irish Gaelic, and when the UK leaves, there will no longer be any officially-English-speaking countries in the EU. That's going to have some interesting repercussions! (Unless Scotland manages to wrangle a way to stay when the rest of the UK leaves. Which I know they desperately want to do.)

But yeah, Brexit could be a real boon for Ireland. Possibly enough to make up for the fact that their current biggest trading partner is planning to leave the union. I'd certainly be looking at Dublin as a strong alternative to London. If I were the Irish government, I'd be out pitching "we're not leaving!" to all sorts of companies!

Comment Re:It can't come soon enough... (Score 4, Insightful) 239

I certainly would! Yes, in the rare and unlikely circumstance that there's a problem the autopilot can't deal with better than the human, that could be a problem, but I'm more than willing to play odds tilted massively in my favor.

Yes, it might be even better if the human was paying attention and able to take over in an emergency. But we don't always get everything we want. Attentive autopilot and inattentive human is a great improvement over what we have now: frequently inattentive humans with no backup at all.

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