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Submission + - RSA Offers to Replace 40 Million SecurID Tokens (

lee1 writes: "RSA has finally admitted that its SecureID tokens were duplicated by criminals who broke into their computers and gained access to the 'seed records'. They have offered to replace the tokens used by their customers, although they suggest that the attack was targeted only at military information (Lockheed Martin), and the attackers have shown no interest in financial or personal data. Replacing tokens for a large organization is very disruptive, and, according to an RSA manager, 'there is no guarantee that it won't happen again.'"

Submission + - What Cities Want Your IT Skills? (

itwbennett writes: "Are you a SQL expert? Check out apartments in Jacksonville, Florida. Oracle more your speed? Head down to Dallas, Texas. Looking for a job that uses your Windows skills? Send some resumes to Providence, R.I. Blogger Kevin Fogarty looks at the top skills in demand in the fastest-growing U.S. IT job markets and finds that different cities want different kinds of techies."

Submission + - Nokia gags discussion of partnership with Microsof (

Tasha26 writes: After reading a recent Slashdot article about Nokia, I thought I'd discuss the Microsoft partnership on their own Forum and get some insight. I posted it under "News Announcements and Job Listings," so as not to interfere with programming discussions. Unfortuantely my thread was closed within 24 hours by a Nokia employee: Ron Liechty (Manager Forum Nokia Online Community). He even sent me a private message saying that it was off topic. Did I really do something wrong here or was this a daft move by Nokia?

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