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Comment Re:Speculative Trading (Score 1) 168

Lots of government announcements impact the share price of companies. If this leads companies to do things like bilk the citizens of the US out of less money to avoid getting called out, I don't think many people are going to have a problem with it, aside from those who are looking for problems to have.

Inasmuch as this is a problem, it's because the value of companies is so speculative, i.e. what can I get another sucker to pay for this thing, rather than objective, e.g. what dividends does this pay?

Comment Re:Uh, can I apply now? (Score 1) 313

You seem to believe that this election will unleash new bigotry. You might even be right, with respect to people like the 4 who kidnapped the disabled man in Chicago.

But that aside, your side lost not because people suddenly love bigotry, but because the Left lacks any awareness of how bigoted it has become.

Comment Re:Let me guess, you watch CNN? (Score 1) 91

They can argue against the evidence in court. The evidence they found has led to multiple referrals for prosecution.

I doubt you'll be satisfied no matter what evidence is presented, but frankly, your opinion doesn't matter. The only opinions that do matter are those of the various legal and regulatory bodies this has been referred to. It's quite unusual to refuse a referral from Congress, so I expect the courts will be sorting this out before long.

Comment Re:Let me guess, you watch CNN? (Score 1) 91

> How is the name date or place relevant? It's the dialog that's fake.

I will enjoy seeing if they argue this in court. You can disbelieve the evidence all you want, but as one might know from the "Criminal and Regulatory Referrals" section, this will get split into pieces and a number of criminal and regulatory bodies will now comb over the evidence of the allegations which fall under their jurisdiction.

Comment Only on slashdot are bigoted rants 'interesting' (Score 1) 91

> lot's of people in jail for a long time i guess with all that proof.

Does the timing of the release of the report not tell you anything? :)

FWIW, I don't really care about your words. I've already been called every racist epithet there is by people like you.

Comment Do the needful informations? (Score 0) 91

The report I read had patients tricked into giving consent, it had them making large profits from selling particular parts and modifying the procedure to procure those parts (who cares about the patient?) and it says they have videos. Some of the information indicates that these modified procedures result in birth, which means it's legally a baby, no matter how much you'd rather dehumanize them.

By my count, that's both "caught" and "selling baby parts."

> do the needful and take an esl class currycakes

Thank you. Knowing that bigots like you hate me makes it more worthwhile.

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