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Final PS3 Launch List Shows 13 Games For America 141

Wowzer writes "Sony's PlayStation 3 is set to arrive this week on November 17th. With just 400,000 units available at launch in the USA, and an unknown number of game consoles arriving the rest of year. The total is expected to be below 1 million units in 2006, as a result many publishers have decided to delay their games so more time can be spent polishing them. From the article: 'Remember you'll have other ways to entertain yourself with the PS3 aside from it's multimedia capabilities. From day one you'll be able to download small games (plus their demos to give them a try first) and while Sony hasn't announced any specifics like price and release dates yet, count on Sony's PS3 download games like flOw & Blast Factor to be there.' From minor delays like Need for Speed: Carbon being delayed until November 20. To big launch lineup losses like MotorStorm which was delayed to March, 2007. The PS3 launch will now have 13 titles including Resistance: Fall of Man, Call of Duty 3, Genji: Days of the Blade and Ridge Racer 7."

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