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Comment Re:What was automated? (Score 1) 236

Walk in, get what I want, scan and pay, wait 15 minutes for grandma to figure out where the UPC on her hair-dye is,walk out.

Sorry, but you sound like you're computer-literate enough to use a simple touch-screen interface to perform a basic function.
However that puts you above-average in most communities.Thanks for playing the "We'll let the customers do the work for us!" game.
Join us next time for "Pick your own organic produce (Use rear door)"

P.S: I just finished a round of "Add your own HTML tags". Quite refreshing.

Comment Re:Request for Feedback from actual Indians (Score 1) 124

Thank you for the response. It really sheds some light on the situation and I appreciate the first-hand experience you shared. Now I'm really curious about Canada - If it's so easy to get a green card, why aren't IT companies setting up support shops north of the U.S.A instead of directly importing people?

This constant back-and-forth with various agencies trying to hash-out visas here in the U.S. has always struck me as large waste of time and money for everyone involved...

Comment Request for Feedback from actual Indians (Score 1) 124

I would think a thread like this on an IT-oriented site would drum up quite a bit of feedback from Indians that have migrated to America (under any circumstances). Though I share the same sentiments as many U.S.-based posters have (hate cleaning-up/debugging horrible code, dealing with people who hide their lack of comprehension behind a Yes-Man veil, etc), I'm curious how "the other half lives".

What drives someone in India to come to the US, rather than improving their situation at home?

What challenges did they have getting here?

How have they secured their stay?

I mean, I can surmise with the best of /. about the how's and why's -- But I think this thread is a great opportunity to "hear it from the horses mouth".

Comment Re:replace Windoze with Linux (Score 1) 251

The idea of having a GUI that eliminates typing errors, simplifies operations, logs the success or failure, and shows at a glance what configurations are set where is just so 21st century.

Yes, because creating a configuration file once and copying it to thousands of systems is just soooo haaarrrd.
Side-note: Linux has had front-ends/wizards/GUIs to create configuration files for a long time.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 402

I work for Accenture, my counterparts in India cost 1/5 of my wage and in many ways equal my quality. I'm not going to stick my fingers in my ears and him loudly, it is the facts.

Well I've worked alongside Accenture for years, and if what you say is technically factual in the slightest that means that
a) You are as technically competent as your Indian peers
a) That standard of competency is not very high.

tl;dr Best to be thought a fool and say nothing, than to speak and remove all doubt

Comment Ubuntu: Where do you want to go today? (Score 2) 646

Long touted as "the" Linux distribution for the desktop, but I just don't see it.
Just like any new distribution, when Ubuntu hit the streets I checked it out. Just the "mood" of the developers turned me off.
Let me clarify - I'm all for making things more user-friendly, and maybe I'm too old-school UNIX, but there's a difference between making something easier to use, and making it retard-proof.
When their forums became crowded with a hundred posts for the exact. Same. Problem. I warned my friends and family.
When the slew of Ubuntu-specific tools, GUIs, and How-Tos washed over the documentation. I distanced myself.
Now, with their community of perpetual noobs, their isolated walled-garden of features/docs/development, they finally think they've "locked-in" enough users to start this kind of nonesense.
Ad-Supported is just a spin-doctor's way of saying "Fuck You, GNU".

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