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Comment Re:Nice swipe at Google along the way.... (Score 1) 135

So which phone manufacturer is making a profit from mining our data then? Considering that Android connects to Google's services (encrypted of course.), not Samsung or HTC or Huauwei.

Breakdowns of iPhone "R&D" costs and the internal hardware always show an enormous profit margin for them, 69% in the case of the iPhone 6.

That doesn't dilute the value of Tim Cook's arguments though.

Comment Re:That's great if you have a mobile phone (Score 1) 213

I'm not sure why a luddite would also want an email account!

But in seriousness, at least in the UK, you can have SMS sent to a landline number no problem. Some magic along the way results in a phone call and a robot reading out the text message. Our banks even use an automated outbound voice messaging platform to do the same thing as the SMS for people who don't have a mobile.

I expect they'll offer this if demand is high enough.

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