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Comment Re: Game theory (Score 1) 261

Competition doesnt mean that you can exactly copy someone elses designs, just that you can make competing products. You're essentially upset because you can't buy a Lambo from a Kia dealer. You can't but Heroes VI, but there are hundreds of other similiar games to choose from.

Comment things that will make me stop playing a game (Score 1) 637

1. Too much time between save points during difficult parts, this includes hour long boss battles. If I die, I don't want to replay the same long stretch again and again... 2. Forced time wasting. I don't mind big maps or mazes, just don't send me from one end to the other on foot. Give me a quick movement option. Don't put in stupid long cut scenes or fill the game with cut scenes every 5 minutes. I want to actually play the game. 3.jumping puzzles in games that shouldn't have them. I don't want to have to jump to a small platform, backflip off the ledge, swing off the pole and the land on the one rock on the lake. Especially because your camera sucks and your jumping controls were limited to jumping onto a crate the entire game leading up to this point. 3.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 594

It's supposed to be a jury of your peers, and in a way, should be along the same lines of the peer review process for scientific papers. If I want my paper on astro physics to be peer reviewed, I don't get bob the plumber and tom the gardener to look at it. If the people doing the reviewing and making the judgment aren't qualified to understand the information, then how can you trust their judgment.

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