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Comment Re:Congress controls agencies, not the President (Score 3, Insightful) 326

The problem with that argument is that there are a ton of people in the White House who are NOT the President. None of this applies to them. It only applies to the President. Congress can certainly enact laws that govern what members of the White House staff can and cannot do.

Comment Re:Those that don't study history (Score 1) 113

I find these comments to be utterly stupid. Have you ever worked anywhere before? Can you possibly imagine non-engineers trying to use IRC for a collaboration tool? Even engineers can find the easy to use interface helpful. Look. I love IRC. I even ran an IRC server for a couple of years but insisting it is enough for most people is nonsense or people would have been using it in the office for collaboration for decades and it would be entrenched by now. There is a reason Slack and its competitors have blown up in recent years. It is a necessary niche. Now we are just waiting to see someone perfect the idea.

Comment Re:Because it mostly doesn't matter? (Score 1) 113

Wow. This is exactly the type of attitude that leads to serious data breaches. Not using secure tools for collaboration is increasingly becoming a regulatory risk as well. I need this security for my job and believe it or not most other people do too even if it is just to comply with regulations but also because breaches on smaller companies is becoming more and more common. Just leaking some personal information of one person can be enough to trigger notification laws in some states.

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