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Comment Re:Fuck Off McAfee! (Score 1) 149

You conveniently left out how he plans to:

1. Take power away from and even punish the free press.
2. Allow more countries to have nuclear weapons
3. Cede Eastern Europe to Russia
4. Punish women for having abortions
5. Contest the election when he loses
6. Try to force our ally to fund building a ridiculous wall between our countries

No one who reads Slashdot should be supporting Trump. This is news for nerds, not news for rubes.

Comment Re:I use linux (Score 1) 599

I use a systemd Gentoo system and I use it with systemd precisely because openrc and other init systems cannot do what I what them to do. Try getting any of those old init systems to execute commands on resume from suspend. They can't. The whole reason systemd was created was to address issues like these that prevent you from doing what you should be able to do.

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