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Ask Slashdot: How To Ask For Equity In a Startup? 349

Uncrase writes "I'm a contract software developer, and have been working for a small startup for over a year now. Not a bad position to be in of course. The company consists of a handful of people, all of which (I believe) are contractors (by their own choice), however we're doing very very well and have a very significant revenue already. Call me greedy, but I've worked hard (as the main IT guy essentially) to get the company to where it is now, and of course get paid contractor rates for this. I would like to get some kind of equity (options) in this. The company is continuing to grow its operations and I am basically indispensible for the continuation of this growth. I'm definitely not planning in any way to force a hand, but I would like to know what could be a good way to approach this. I'd essentially like to ask for a raise — being a contractor — but in the form of equity. Any experience with this? Am I completely off here?"

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