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Submission + - How did Red Hat kickstart a DevOps culture? (

ectoman writes: DevOps isn't just a development methodology. It's a shift in company culture. So how does one of the world's leading providers of open source solutions manage the transition to DevOps culture? Gene Kim, author of DevOps novel (yes, it's a thing) The Phoenix Project seeks answers to this question in a recent interview with leaders of Red Hat's new "Inception team," a band of engineers tasked with transforming the company's IT operations—what team member Bill Montgomery describes as "a team formed by pulling top contributors from intentionally diverse parts of IT."

Comment Re:If it works so well, why is it just CS? (Score 1) 92

My local community college offers a welding certificate that requires 14 credit hours of coursework: . That bridge you're driving over required both PEs and community college welding certificate holders to bring into existence.

I earned a BS in CS, and it has served me well. But there is also a need in IT for tradespeople: individuals who can just bang out a simple data-driven website, or glue a couple systems together with a script. These coding bootcamps can help with that. They also offer an opportunity for folks without the means, aptitude, or desire to get a four-year degree in computer science to work productively in IT. I can't see where that's a bad thing.

Comment Re:One of life's great mysteries (Score 1) 251

Which studies are these?

This New York Times blog from 2011 clearly shows the opposite: Americans in higher income brackets give away a larger percentage of their income to charities than those in lower income brackets.

Comment VMware not going anywhere anytime soon (Score 1) 417

I'm glad Hyper-V, Xen, and to a lesser extent, RHEV are providing some legitimate competition to VMware--and typically at lower software licensing costs. But, the hurdles to adopting these competitors are high: sparse ISV support, less rich ecosystem of 3rd party tools (backup & recovery, capacity planning, etc.), and existing investment in VMware licenses, training, SOPs, etc.

VMware is no longer the only game in town for enterprise virtualization, but their position is firmly entrenched for at least the next 3 years. Switching costs for environments of any substantial size are just too high compared to the licensing cost premium VMware demands.


Spirit Stuck In Soft Soil On Mars 160

cheros writes "NASA reports that the Spirit Mars lander is presently stuck in soft soil. The lander's wheels are halfway sunk into the soil and they are planning simulation tests to see if they can get it out again. I hope they can get it out of there because it's picking up enough new energy to operate; however, it only has 5 wheels left to get around on — one of the wheels hasn't been working for years. Fingers crossed."

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