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Comment Re:Just where do or preferences come from? (Score 1) 794

there may not be a single gay gene but maybe different combinations of genetics might predispose someone? or it could be both nature AND/OR nurture. -in my opinion, having a gay brother, it's not a choice at all. but could there be some type of genetic layout such as the way or amount certain hormones are produced/etc. ? but it can be maybe something he's experienced also. never got abused or anything, & does have the same childhood i did, but maybe his experiences of that childhood might have been different.

but otherwise, agreed, & i'd mod up if i had points.

Comment Re:Amazing. (Score 1) 794

i agree for the most part, sometimes you can tell & just know. but other times you can't. recently my brother came out, & you'd NEVER in a million years have known. i think there's a lot more closeted men in society than most people might realize.

but your main point is true. NOT a choice. shit when has anybody woken up in the morning & said "shit, should i go suck some dick today? nah." just speaking for myself but i've never had that choice to make. it doesn't appeal to me. there is no dilemma. conversely i can't choose to not be attracted to Sofia Vergara. her name should be Sofia Viagra. bless her soul.
admittedly i don't understand why my brother would find anderson cooper more attractive than sofia vergara but i definitely take his word for it. who the hell would claim something like that if it weren't just true? who the hell would consciously decide that?

as with many things in this world, it is, because it just is.

and to share a little more, yes it was shocking & disappointing. when it's your own brother you think about things, like, how you had always envisioned this person having children. having nieces & nephews. going to their wedding, etc. whatev. but the fact is, it's not gonna happen & just bc it's inconvenient to you doesn't make it anything one can or even should change.

to be honest, if i COULD change it, i probably would. but i can't.

i wonder how many of these 'pray the gay away' camps/organizations just screw the patients/victims up more? or how many victims have been screwed up more..

Comment Re:Did you really expect anyhting else? (Score 1) 285

first of all, letting people keep money they earned on their own is not a gift. second of all, $250k/yr is not even rich, let alone super rich. third, the tax rates under the bush-obama tax cuts are only going from 38.6% to 35%. people are arguing over less than 4%. furthermore, if one makes 250k a year they're still paying $99,000 a year in taxes. that's a lot of money to work very hard for only to be taken away & given to others who did not earn it.

Comment Re:How Is Obama Doing On Open Government? (Score 1) 285

would mod you if i could. ron paul could have had a chance but the republicans didn't want him. during the primaries, the democrat races were open, but one had to be registered as a republican to vote for the republican primaries, which is what ruined ron paul's chances. political parties are corrupt in this manner down to defining separate rules for their own primaries. they should be abolished.

Comment Re:How Is Obama Doing On Open Government? (Score 1) 285

wish i had mod points for this!!! mccain WAS a moderate. maybe he still is. in 2000 it was clear. in the last election it was almost like he was paid to throw the election by fucking it up royally. he's a moderate but came off like bob dole! republicans are so stupid in this manner. they had him as bob dole, and palin, to 'fire up their base'. which is asinine. their base wasn't going to vote for obama. as far as getting them out to vote? obama was taking care of that. it's like when they pander to the religious nutjobs. they throw away more votes than they pick up. alienating more voters than they attract.

Comment Exchange program/generosity/honesty (Score 2) 155

this is my experience with apple: i have a debilitating medical condition not dissimilar to chronic fatigue. it makes me severely lethargic and has impacted my life greatly. i am currently on disability. i also have a late 2006 macbook pro which i use logic on. it heats up & shuts down so to prevent that i put a casserole dish of ice under it. hey it works. anyways one night i had extra ice so i threw it in my trash can which has a plastic liner. i never throw liquid in a trash can like that but due to my condition i decided i could do it & deal with it later. the next night i was in bed & using my iphone when, lying in bed, i set the phone on my book case, at which point it fell. i figured, shit. i'll get it in the morning. well half an hour later i had to use the restroom so at that time i decided to pick up my phone. at which point i found it in the trash can, submerged in water from the ice i threw into it the night before. i took it to the apple store to see if anything could be done as far as fixing or replacing it. they DO have an exchange program where one may give them their damaged phone and get a replacement for $199. this is a very fair practice to me. i was so happy i didn't have to pay $600 for a brand new one. so before you guys whine about how 'greedy' apple is (always amuses me how some can consider a company to be greedy as if it is a single sentient being..) at least they have a program like this. microsoft never would. speaking of, as the guy was helping me, i explained to him how it happened, due to my condition, etc. i also had my disability papers to prove it. i brought them in case there was any negotiable cost (the guy before said cost 'depended' etc. but was mistaken). anyways, at the end of my appointment, when i was to sign off on the exchange, the guy showed me a zero balance. he waived the fees completely and gave me a brand new iphone, free of charge. this was a very kind and generous act. also, as one poster cynically says "now they'll take other points into account (presumably including, but not limited to, whether there is any other evidence of liquid damage, how convincing the customer's story is, how good a mood the manager is in that day, how attractive the customer is, how much fuss the customer kicks up, and the proximity of that day's lunch break)." -i believe it's the other way around. apple has ALWAYS been helpful to me, as i've always been honest and straight with them. before my appointment i heard one of the 'geniuses' tell another customer 'honestly it's not the dumb questions. what bothers me most is when people lie to me straight to my face. it's just insulting.' so maybe apple uses those sensors as just one more piece of criteria when they know they're being lied to by some jackass who comes in with a phone that was obviously submerged. another point of generosity is where if one has a broken ipod out of warranty, they can exchange it for 10% off a new one. apple doesn't have to do that, but they do. i'd save the kdawson-esque anti-corporate outrage for someone who actually deserves it.

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