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Submission + - Selling a DeLorean for Bitcoin; transaction advice?

X86Daddy writes: I'm selling my DeLorean for Bitcoins. Any advice for conducting large, live transactions like this? I've read about the Porsche sale from April, and my current plan is to simply use the Android Bitcoin app to ask for payment, and take the buyer to lunch while waiting for 6 confirmations, at which point I sign over the title. Anyone have other ideas or considerations for something like this?

Comment Re:There is going to be a day when... (Score 1) 354

Damn right. The TSA was very successful at what it was supposed to be. The TSA was a test, and we failed. Those in the business of spending our tax dollars against us wanted to gauge how far they could go in escalating the attack without response. They got past stealing; they got past harassing nursing mothers; they got past irradiating nude photography, and they got past molestation. They did not see an air travel boycott; they instead saw a favorable (skillfully worded) gallup poll. I'll just yawn and say the people get the government they deserve. I paid attention in school when learning how our major idealogical enemies over the years ran their countries: "papers please" for internal travel, etc... Dropping any sense of patriotism is the only way to not be furious.

Comment Re:DSLR (Score 1) 179

The earlier smartphones, like Nokia's N95, N85, etc... running Symbian S60 had the same advantage of generous physical controls. I replaced my car PCs with such phones, because they allowed as safe, if not safer operation due to excellent eyes-free interfaces (sometimes had to write my own, but the option existed!). Now with the touch-screen brick model, no smartphone really suffices as a car media player, etc... because operating it requires looking at it.

I'm hoping one or more of these manufacturers realize soon that buttons (and knobs and wheels, etc...) were features and come out with something better.

Comment I got rid of my clock radio (Score 1) 301

I went from using a crappy CD player clock radio to using an old rooted Android phone. It's overkill, but benefits include picking whatever MP3 I want whenever I want... including pulling it over the network with ES File Manager, over wifi, from bed... checking weather, ebay, woot, random browsing, etc... The alarm settings, being software-based, are much more flexible and intelligent than most hardware clock radios... I get Monday-Friday how I want, weekends how I want, and one-off alarm changes are no problem. I can change the brightness and color of the time display that shows in screen-saver mode. It's a huge improvement over every hardware bedside clock I'd ever seen. And unlike using my production phone, I can leave this where it sits and keep my production phone in a convenient place for charging and grabbing as I leave home.

With a little effort, you can probably chain apps to do even better... make alarms trigger a Text-to-Speech app that does some RSS headline reading, email subject reading, announcing of the weather, etc...

Comment Research with Data! (Score 1) 999

My consort and I went through the "where do we ultimately want to live" question a couple years ago, mostly focused on the US (being from the US meant no paperwork problems). We found a few websites to be awesomely useful:

  • City Data does a lot of statistics on the demographics of major US metro regions. Income, religious mix, crime, education, cost of living, etc... Unfortunately, I think it just covers US and Canada.
  • Google Trends helps you see which cities have people interested in the same topics as you. The best way I found to use this was to search on technical or scene terms from various interests to see which cities show up as top 10 contenders.
  • Most weather sites will show you annual averages on sunshine, rainfall, snow, humidity, hours of light, and temperatures... Also note that some metro regions have emerging structures/behaviors to deal with weather... Some Canadian cities have huge indoor networks and good public transit to help offset snow issues. Pacific Northwest cities are espresso nirvana as a way to cope with dark, cloudy days 3/4 of the year.

Searching this way will probably yield a few candidates who have the mix of demographics you care about, zeitgeist hits, weather you're happy with, etc... Subscribe to RSS feeds of their newspapers, local music scene forums, etc... to get a better feel for each, and ultimately, visit your top candidate(s) for a vacation. We visited our top candidate after all of the above, and we were astounded that it felt perfect on top of being a specification match.

Comment Re:Did they have a file on James Holmes? (Score 1) 214


Who benefits from the James Holmes massacre? What agenda gets pushed as a result of that act? How about "more spying on citizens is A-Okay, because it'll help prevent that stuff!" And/or Holmes wasn't going after the elite class, so they passed.

Damn... that didn't even take a lot of tin foil to come up with and half-way consider.

Comment This application (Score 1) 108

It's funny... Every company I've worked for has built this application over and over... different languages, different platforms to integrate with different generations of desktop / networked calendaring, etc... and even different versions for different departments when there's variation allowed on a per-manager basis. It seems like it's always a bespoke, in-house sorta thing. It's also usually treated as the "get started" application when switching technology platforms... "If we can figure out how to build a vacation tracker, we can then handle migrating a bunch of other workflow apps."

Due to all the situational dependencies, you can't just find the perfect OSS one. Follow up your question with what you use for email, calendaring, and what kind of server tech you are good with deploying and you might find suitable answers... i.e. a LAMP stack based tool that ties to Google Calendar perfectly ain't gonna help an all-Microsoft shop much.

Comment Modular Design? (Score 1) 310

Given that there is so much variety in body shape, torso shape, etc... across everyone, and not just 2 shapes of male & female, why isn't there a more modular approach towards getting every soldier armor perfectly adapted to their bodies? Given what the US spends on military in general, citing budget reasons is an enormous pile of BS.

And I must vent: Seriously? Must the mental children turn into drooling idiots whenever the topic of a female's body differences comes up? Way to represent! You know those shitty stereotypes that say you're not going to score because you're awkward and linking nerdity with disastrous gender relations? Those of you being so clever with your jokes are perpetuating that. You are responsible for your miserable relationships or lack thereof. People are people; just fucking treat them like that, and you might find best friends, life consorts, employees, employers, etc... It's as stupid as racism, all the gushing about a physical attribute to the exclusion of who the person is. Not every single bawdy/body joke represents such problems, but when it invariably becomes half of the damn highly rated posts on every story like this, you tarnish the word "nerd" and send us all back to the 1970s a bit more.

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