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Comment No vote (Score 3, Insightful) 993

I picked I would not vote, because I'm British not an American. But if I had the vote, I still wouldn't vote. The choice Americans have in this election is beyond abysmal. Whatever happens, I hope the world won't suffer from having two of the worst candidates ever running for American President.

Comment Brainless politicians (Score 2) 153

As I type, the new British Prime Minister has applauded the deal of ARM being bought by foreigners. She doesn't have a maths degree, so it must be really difficult for her to understand all profits now will no longer boost UK GDP, but instead boost Japan's GDP. In UK, the man who setup ARM, some of the press / political commentators and economists attacking the deal, but the politicians know best. At least the bosses of ARM get very rich from the deal.

Comment Priorities (Score 5, Insightful) 146

It's sick how the politicians are using their usual excuse of "think of the children" to attack the free internet via porn, while they let paedophile (pedophile) gangs roam UK's treats for decades, even police and social services helping these gangs commit their crimes.

But just as bad, while politicians have a fetish over banning porn, they have no problem having 24/7 violence on TV. How many people are killed with sex, and how many people killed because TV gives impression to people that violence is ok?

It's all a smokescreen to control the internet, most people too stupid to see it, they are just fixated on the control porn argument.

Comment TPP (and TTIP) read by who? (Score 2) 231

TPP and TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) were written by the corporations and US government, so they've read the "trade deal". Meanwhile in Europe, hardly any politician has read TTIP, it's guarded like a top secret military document, no copies exist "on the outside". So how are most of Europe's politicians, ESPECIALLY the UK, in favour of signing TTIP?

Sounds to me like politicians are being blackmailed, given kickbacks, or both by the US government or corporations, either in money, or directorships in US company subsidiaries once the European politician leaves office.

Comment Linux fixes? (Score 1) 224

After seeing what Microsoft has done to Skype for Windows, I'm quite happy with Skype the way it is - Linux Skype works properly in Pulseaudio.

I only have two demands, and that's to make Skype 64bit, as it is 32bit for most OS's not called Ubuntu. Would be nice to look good in KDE.

Comment Wipe (Score 1) 81

Can we wipe Ubuntu off of it and put a real Linux distro on it? Still wouldn't want it, 10inch doesn't fit in the pocket, small 8inch tablet good enough when on the go.

Despite Ubuntu, we're still waiting for a proper Linux distro for a phone, and tablet. I'm getting really sick of Google/Android, it's increasingly becoming like Microsoft, taking control away from users.

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