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Comment Re: Define "Greater Good" (Score 2) 202

There was literally one multi-touch phone on the market for about three months before the iPhone came out. It had a terrible interface, was never marketed at all and they sold three copies. The media did not fawn over the iPhone when it was released either. It succeeded solely because it was better than anything else on the market.

Comment Re: Fuck blackberry (Score 2) 202

You are clearly confused about the meaning of secure. In the article, the CEO of Blackberry says their platform never has and never will be secure. Your comment is strange on a story where the CEO of Blackberry is attacking Apple for being too secure.

Here is a tip. If a backdoor exists, the platform is not secure. End of discussion. I don't really care about how well Blackberry claims to protect their backdoor. It is a weakness. Not just for government intrusion (which would be bad enough), but to all types of intrusion.

Submission + - Disney Fires President Obama's Computer Science Teacher

theodp writes: For the past two years, K-12 schools have turned to Disney characters to 'teach computer science' to millions of students. For the 2014 Hour of Code, Disney Infinity Princesses Anna and Elsa even taught President Obama to code, an event the White House celebrated again earlier this year as it asked for $4.2B to fund the President's proposed K-12 Computer Science for All K-12 initiative, which aims to make kids "job-ready on day one." So, will today's surprise announcement that Disney is shutting Disney Infinity down, exiting the self-publishing console games business, and firing 300 employees have the White House scrambling to replace Anna and Elsa as the poster children for the President's CS for All program?

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