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PlayStation App Coming To iOS, Android 47

Sony has announced plans to launch PlayStation-centric apps for iOS 4 and Android devices. While the apps doesn't actually let users play games, it allows them to interact with various PlayStation Network functions. "This includes allowing players to view various trophies they and their friends have won in order to validate their self-worth. Players will also be able to view friends' online status and browse games for the PS3, PS2, and PSP with the app, as well as catch up on news and any relevant hardware announcements. If they see anything they like, the app will integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail to make for easy sharing." The app will be released for several European countries to start, with more versions and languages to follow.

Submission + - Pre-Release Windows Mobile 6.5 phone stolen (

Wormfan writes: A Windows Mobile 6.5 based mobile given by Steve Ballmer to Australian Telco Chief Sol Trujillo has been stolen. The phone is believed to be either a HTC Touch Pro2 or the HTC Touch Diamond2, both of which operate on the new Windows Mobile 6.5 software. Its theft has left Microsoft facing an industrial espionage threat.

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