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Submission + - EFF needs your help to stop Congress dismantling Internet privacy protections! (

Peter Eckersley writes: Last year the FCC passed rules forbidding ISPs (both mobile and landline) from using your personal data without your consent for purposes other than providing you Internet access. In other words, the rules prevent ISPs from turning your browsing history into a revenue stream to sell to marketers and advertisers. Unfortunately, members of Congress are scheming to dismantle those protections as early as this week. If they succeed, ISPs would be free to resume selling users' browsing histories, pre-loading phones with spyware, and generally doing all sorts of creepy things to your traffic.

The good news is, we can stop them. We especially need folks in the key states of Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to call their senators this week and tell them not to kill the FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules.

Together, we can stop Congress from undermining these crucial privacy protections.

Submission + - Antix MX Linux has an important fix for software updates that were hanging ( 1

Wolfrider writes: As I ran into this myself and ran into the fix on the Antix forums, submitting to Slashdot as it appears to be pretty widespread.

PROTIP: Step 4 worked for me with a minimum of hassle, but I had to temporarily bypass my Squid proxy for ' apt-get update ' to finish.

I updated the package "antix-archive-keyring" and then had to manually reply Y to the prompt for "Package distributor has shipped an updated version".

Submission + - Voice Is the Next Big Platform, Unless You Have an Accent (

mirandakatz writes: Voice technology was built for mostly-American voices, and it's only getting bigger. So what happens to people outside the norm, like those with accents? At Backchannel, Sonia Paul delves into this issue; the daughter of a Filipina mother and Indian father, she writes that "in the nearly 50 years they’ve lived in the United States, they’ve spoken English daily—fluently, but with distinct accents and sometimes different phrasings than a native speaker. In their experience, that means Siri, Alexa, or basically any device that uses speech technology will struggle to recognize their commands." But how did voice recognition technology become so exclusive—and what, if anything, is being done to make it more accessible?

Submission + - 10 Steps To Becoming A Horrible IT Boss 1

snydeq writes: Good-bye, programming peers; hello, power to abuse at your whim, writes Bob Lewis in a send-up of an all-too-familiar situation: The engineering colleague who transforms into a greasy political manipulator upon promotion into management. 'It’s legendary: A CIO promotes his best developer into a management role, losing an excellent programmer and gaining a bad manager. The art of management isn’t so much about assembling a dream team, helping others be successful, or solving technical problems. It’s about aligning everything you do in service of the business—the business of yourself.' What tales do you have of colleagues who broke bad all the way to the top?

Submission + - SPAM: Oil Find in Alaska Is Largest in 30 Years

schwit1 writes: Spanish oil giant Repsol (REPYY) has revealed the largest U.S. onshore oil discovery in 30 years, located in Alaska’s North Slope.

Repsol and joint venture partner Armstrong Energy claim to have found a massive conventional oil play that holds up to 1.2 billion barrels of recoverable light crude. The discovery was confirmed after Repsol drilled two test wells during the 2016-2017 winter season. According to the company, the area was previously considered to be a mature oil basin. Oil is expected to flow beginning in 2021, with a potential rate approaching 120,000 barrels per day.

Link to Original Source

Submission + - US Federal judge denies US government abilty to force use of fingerprints (

raikoseagle writes: Today it was reported via the Chicago Tribune that a Chicago based US Federal magistrate, Judge David Weisman rejected the FBI's request to compel a defendant to unlock his iPhone via fingerprint.
Per the Tribune:
In the latest skirmish over privacy in the cellphone age, a federal judge in Chicago has rejected a law enforcement request to force potential targets in an ongoing investigation to provide fingerprints to unlock any iPhones or other Apple devices.

The order by U.S. Magistrate Judge David Weisman concerned a request for a warrant to search a residence where investigators believed someone was using the internet to traffic images of child pornography, court records show.

The prosecution filing seeking the search warrant on the FBI's behalf remains under seal, but the judge's opinion said the government requested "the authority to compel any individual who is present at the subject premises at the time of the search" to provide a fingerprint or thumbprint needed to unlock an Apple device.

Comment Re:bit rot (Score 1) 475

> ZFS doesn't even have an fsck. It is IMPOSSIBLE for it to get corrupted

--As much as I love ZFS, I wouldn't use the word that you use. Take a look here:

--Complex software always has bugs somewhere. Can't say for certain on FreeBSD or Solaris implementations, but I do track the Linux bug reports.

Comment Re:bit rot (Score 1) 475

--YEP. ZFS on Linux is mature enough for the past several years to trust my irreplaceable/important data to. ZFS+Samba is the killer app for file sharing on my LAN.

--Cron Snapshots every day (auto-deleted after a month) for an extra layer of protection, monthly scheduled scrubs and SMART tests. Most of the time the server runs with the drives spun down to save power, and boot/roots off a USB3 thumbdrive.

--Apart from tape, I just don't trust "offline" data storage. DVD backups get bitrot (not enough data on Bluray life expectancy yet, although I would tend to trust M-DISC), disconnected hard drives can fail to spin up again after years of storage.

--Keep it up and running on a UPS and checked semi-frequently, replace disks that go bad, and grow your disk capacity (number of drives) and sizes when you need to, all in-situ. ZFS rocks. :-)

Submission + - Bill to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency proposed ( 6

sandbagger writes: Rep. Gaetz, Matt (R-FL) has proposed a bill to shutter the Environmental Protection Agency. The GOP's complaints against the EPA are many including that it kills jobs, and has endorsed climate change, which, as a rule, the Republicans have dismissed as a hoax. Long term, the elimination of the EPA might also lead to a loss of American prestige as international benchmarks are ceded to other countries.

Comment Re:I wonder how Pale Moon would fare.... (Score 1) 160

--I've been using Palemoon for the last couple of years now (mainly on Linux, but also on the Win side occasionally) and it definitely uses less memory and crashes less often than Firefox in my experience.

--Personally I don't care which browser is the fastest, PM has been meeting my needs and is more STABLE.

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