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Submission + - 500 Million. That's you're competition. (

Mikhaeel writes: "Yes. There are 500 million active websites on the planet. Well that's what they say, in actual fact the figure is estimated anywhere between 400-700 million. Imagine that. The web's like an open world which means you compete with almost everybody and anybody. So let's take 500 million, essentially you're competing with 1 in every 12 people in the world. Almost impossible, don't you think?

So how do you as a beginner, a small website just starting out make yourself known in this overpopulated world wide web. Now's the time I tell you about my startup. Before we get there, their is something I'd like to point out. The intention of this article is not solely to introduce you to my startup but to introduce to you the future of what it can become.

It's advertising platform for those of us who don't have a seven figure advertising budget. It's a combination of the concept of link exchange and traditional advertising. Something we like to call "ad sharing". It's a startup, so ultimately the goal is to become a business but the idea does have a hint of purpose, at least we think so.

The idea is simple, you display users ads on your website and other users will do the same for you. Imagine if we could connect millions of websites together, a unified web. Where we all keep in touch with each others websites, like a social news platform on the move that goes wherever you go. Constantly be in the loop of what's the latest and greatest on the web: new deals, trending stories, news, articles, games, everything. Ads can become interactive and can learn your interests as you browse the internet. The possibilities run far

That's our dream, to change the way we advertise online. Turning advertising into something that doesn't have to be complicated or insanely expensive. As we grow we hope to move forward with our mission and make it happen.

We haven't launched yet but we'll be live early June. Be first to join Nexxr and sign up to our email list and we'll let you know as soon as we're up and running.

Learn more, watch our video:

Follow us on Twitter @nexxr or contact us via email"

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