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Comment Re:this is what a smartwatch is supposed to be (Score 1) 77

I agree the screen tearing issue with the Pebble OG really sucks (although to be fair, it's plausible it didn't show up in QA, since it's an interaction with the case slightly changing shape after multiple warm/cool cycles). Given that it's been fixed with the Time models, I assume it's also fixed for the 2's.

Fortunately for me, I'm in Australia, where it's law to have a minimum 2 year warranty.

Comment They already have unskippable ads (Score 2) 279

It might depend what country you're in, but here in Australia they already have adverts up to 30 second long (usually 15) that are unskippable. I don't know what proportion these are in comparison to skippable adverts, but I -wish- they'd go down to 6 seconds long.

(Yes, I have an adblocker, I leave it off for Youtube because ad impressions = income for the creators of the series I'm watching.)

Comment Liberal Party is a confusing coalition already (Score 1) 343

I honestly thought the Liberal Democratic Party was part of the "Liberal Party", since what is referred to as the Liberal Party is actually a coalition of 4 (I think) different parties with names of a similar structure.

And they sure as heck aren't liberal in policy, either. In fact they are the more conservative of the two main parties.

Comment Re:Moore's Law? (Score 4, Interesting) 595

Actually they already use GPUs - and there are companies making ASICs now. Dedicated Bitcoin mining boxes. The people who purchased GPUs specifically with mining in mind are apparently already annoyed, because the new computational power coming online means they are seeing less return, due to the increasing requirements as the number of mined bitcoins increases.

Comment Re:Or White Noise (Score 5, Informative) 561

I'm not a fan of white noise, but at various times and moods I've found other noise types (pink and brown in particular) to be effective. I've used in the past as the generator - combined with a set of good headphones, it will block out most sound.

Another alternative I use is orchestral music - specifically, no vocals. This makes it less attention grabbing. But I can't use it when I am trying to be creative/problem solving, for some reason.

Comment Re:Valve / Steam... (Score 5, Informative) 371

Actually, Valve is mentioned in the article as one that people wanted investigated - but not as one that required a subpoena to provide information. This suggests that Valve voluntarily told them how their pricing works.

Which, as far as I know, is "We set what price the producer wants us to, or they refuse to sell on Steam at all."

Comment Re:WTF, this was already invented (Score 1) 36

You're right, it's not just CSG - although the system does contain CSG-esque boolean operations.

Our currently live product (Symvol) shows how our software does keep a tree - and we use point evaluation for producing output. MeshUp is going to be more targeted/simplified to use, so the tree possibly wont be shown/will be an advanced view.

Disclaimer: I work for Uformia, the company running the Kickstarter.

Comment Re:Possibly a good product, but much marketing hyp (Score 1) 36

It's definitely marketing hype, but that's the kind of thing marketing is about.

There's kind of two processes being described in the product. Mesh repair is working with polygons and adding/modifying the polygons to produce a better mesh. This is intended to make better meshes for the second part, which is mesh mixing. Mesh mixing is functional, so can be sampled at any resolution.

Disclaimer: I work for Uformia, the company running the Kickstarter.

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