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Comment Re:Germany is getting smarter (Score 1) 458

Here is VW building a new plant
Here is Daimler's second factory
Here is Seimans

For the regular car maker, the battery is about 1/3-1/2 of the price because they have not gotten their costs down low. OTOH, Tesla has batteries that costs a fraction of what the big players do. As it is, Tesla now sells more batteries than all the rest combined. With the Model 3, it alone will sell more batteries, than the entire rest of the industry, which includes the Model S and X.

The major car makers will be bankrupt again, unless they learn to start making their own cars and parts.

Comment Germany is getting smarter (Score 1) 458

They are busy building out new battery manufacturing.
OTOH, GM, Chrysler, and Ford are basically too stupid for words to actually build new battery facilities. They instead look at how to manipulate their stock prices and do not care about real long-term profits.
Thankfully, companies like Tesla and Rivian will really destroy the American companies and end up buying them.

Comment Re:2 between the eyes (Score 1) 352

well, lets see. The entire American intel world says that the proof is overwhelming that Russia DID crack the Dem's email and then give it to assange.
So, yeah, I do back that. I worked on the PAT act and got to see that there are a large number of bad guys out there. We should be fearing China more than Russia, but this has come to the forefront due to Putin's BS.

As to Clinton's 'illegal actions', other than her setting up a server, all investigations have cleared her. Sadly, you neo-cons/tea* would rather continue lying then simply saying that she was innocent but would still make a poor leader. Instead, you have to push lies like trump does.

Comment Re: Great strides (Score 3, Interesting) 129

Actually, I am pretty sure that I know who the guy is. And yeah, he actually works for ULA (there are always a few assholes at any large company).
That idiot is the same one running around screaming about musk, tesla, solar city and spacex on /.. Sad.

But, you are correct about the far right targeting musk. They are the ones that have been screaming about 'subsidies' for musk, while making up all sorts of BS. For example, the 7.5K subsidy for EVs is actually a tax break for the car buyer, not the car company. And it applies to EV AND Hybrids. But the far right are the same ones that tried to gut SpaceX from CCxDev and instead harmed SNC (another local company here).

Comment Re: Great strides (Score 2) 129

oh that asshole coward knows that SpaceX gets a fraction of what EACH of ULA, Boeing, and L-Mart get.
The problem is, that he works for ULA, and hopes to actually convert ppl with more fake news/lies.
Sadly, the asshole does not care about our nation, but only ULA. That is why he does not mind seeing NASA and DOD waste 10x to launch what space does.

Comment Re: Sweet (Score 5, Insightful) 129

well, the Asshole Coward before does have a point that the feds HAVE given SpaceX money. In particular, they have given 300 M to SpaceX to help develop Dragon, F1, and F9. Of course, it was a billion to build everything, so most money came from private funding.
What Asshole Coward purposely lies about is that ULA gets 1B / year for the last 10 years, AND SpaceX has lowered the costs of launch to the gov so much, that in the first couple of years, the feds made back their 300 Million.

And if the Asshole Coward tries to bring up 'gov subsidies' for Tesla/Solar City, he will only make more of an asshole out of himself.

Comment Re:Pardons aren't for innocent people (Score 1) 352

you are right that pardons are for guilty ppl. The problem is one of reasons and amount for both manning and snowden. Manning released anything and everything all because he was throwing a temper tantrum about being dishonorably discharged from the military in a short bit.
Initially, Snowden did the right thing in talking about illegal actions of NSA and other groups. And his rational for it was also the right thing. BUT then he went off the deep end releasing information about all of the LEGAL spying that we do, and did so by fleeing to full blow enemies (and not just a neutral location).
Manning deserves to die in prison.
Snowden deserves a medal and then 2 between the eyes.

For the idiots that bring up assange, there is NOTHING that AMerica can legally do to him. I fully suspect that he knows that, and is hiding to avoid both rape charges.

Comment 2 between the eyes (Score 2) 352

All he did was get mad at the gov because he was looking at a discharge so he illegally dumped information to wiki leaks.
How was that being a whistle blower?
Reasons MATTER.
If somebody is shooting at me and I shoot back and kill them, I did so in self-defense.
OTOH, if I simply shoot somebody and kill them, I am a murderer.

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