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Comment Re: Total regulatory impact 2-3 percent (Score 1) 460

Strange. I thought I was referring to US businesses investing in energy, not what your neighbors are doing.

Keep telling yourself you're cool using incandescent bulbs to heat up your house so you can run your diesel air conditioner to cool it down. We'll be here spending 1/20th the dollars on efficient LEDs and renewable energy that doesn't need to run all the air conditioners full blast.

Then you can complain about why you're broke.

Comment Re:Total regulatory impact 2-3 percent (Score 1) 460

I'm sorry, my translator can't handle responses from people who think it's a good idea to pay more for energy due to their choice of inefficient energy methods.

Can you shake your stick at me a bit more, and maybe it will figure that out?

Maybe if you say something like "Fire good! Sun bad!" it will realize it's chimp.

Comment Seattle gets 1000/week in new people (Score 1) 160

Most people don't realize that over 1000 people move to Seattle every week.

Yet we build far fewer rental or owner-occupied properties than that.

Most homeless are actually from here. Literally the same county. Most immigration is from our own state, then from California and Oregon and BC.

Homelessness is occurring in all cities nationwide - Red Blue Purple doesn't matter.

Comment Fairly easy to defeat (Score 5, Interesting) 86

Face dazzle paint in team colors, reversible pattern hoodie and scarf, fake nose and or eyebrows (team colors).

Hit ratio drops from 50 percent false positive to below threshold.

Basically, if it worked during WW II, it still works. That's how inaccurate facial recognition actually is. It's even worse for women than for men.

Comment Re:work till death (Score 1) 522

However, a mortgage on a $50k tiny house means you can get a mortgage deduction, and use the tax refund to invest in an IRA or 401(k) with a full or partial match. Which is way better than paying rent, other than land rent. The options range from house and land held free, house and land held mortgaged, house held free and land leased or rented, house mortgaged and land leased or rented, to the worst version house and land rented.

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