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Comment Um. No. (Score 1) 125

No, Seattle is not one of the most affordable cities for tech workers.

Maybe Bellingham or Spokane.

Next fake claim you'll make is that Vancouver BC is one of the most affordable cities for tech workers - and it's always cost twice as much for housing in Vancouver BC as in Seattle, where apparently I can rent my spare bedroom for $2200 a month.

I claim Fake News.

Comment Size matters (Score 1) 61

On a phone or when you make your screen or window small, they can (and frequently do) obscure a lot of the image, so people delete them, whereas on a full screen they only impact a small section, so people tend to let them stay.

On the phone, sometimes they make it so you can't even see a lot of the image, and clicking is more problematic (touch) and error prone, so people just delete the whole streamed video.

This is why sales/ad people should never control the end-user interface, but instead tech/marketing people, who understand how things work.

Comment Tastes like (Score 1) 331

Tastes like, not chicken.

The 2,500 gallons of water is for cattle beef. Bison beef tends to use much less. One ounce of beef uses about 20 times the resources that chicken or fish does.

The real comparison would be to the resources used for chicken or for fish. There is some debate over the impacts of farm raised livestock in comparison to wild livestock, in terms of net ecological and economic inputs, however. A well designed system uses other things to remove waste products - for example, in fish farms, increased amounts of bivalves and seaweeds can remove a lot of waste and also produce useable protein or food sources, and reduces the amount the fish need to be fed. Chicken fed natural bugs with certain plants can also reduce their toxic effluent.

Personally, I tend to buy organic and wild fish and chicken, but there are reasonable arguments that we all should really eat bugs or at least roasted bug larvae.

Comment This is kind of sad (Score 1) 318

Back when I worked on drones (the original $250,000 ones), doing something like this made sense.

But there is more modern tech put out by Boeing that allows mil spec crowd hunter seeker drones to swarm kill cheap drones.

Seriously, it's like $250 per drone, and the controller set is maybe $10,000, it's way cheaper to waste 2 or 3 swarm drones taking out 1 drone than using the old stuff.

Why do you think we made smart JDAM kits for dumb warheads to turn them into 98 percent accuracy from the old style? Those were way cheaper than the cruise missiles we also made, allowing a deliverable cost per unit to drop massively?

Stop using things without thinking about cost. Half of warfare is economics.

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