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Comment Don't be scared of Google... (Score -1, Offtopic) 218

Here's their plan:
1. Get the president to allow building new nuclear power plants
2. Get the license to sell energy
3. Build plants and wait for fuel crisis to reach climax,
4. Cash on nuclear
5. Finally do good: with enough cash Google finally goes head to head with Microsoft and turns it into an open source company

See, their intentions are noble!

Comment Re:Ahh the womens groups... (Score 2, Funny) 454

Well, yeah, it says men are evolving faster... specifically, the Y-chromosome, and more specifically, it's related to sperm production.

Will they develop enhanced regeneration and adamantium claws?

In short, your junk is evolving. Not necessarily anything else. That MIGHT not be considered a complementary thing, depending on how you feel about your particular junk.

I feel pretty good about my "junk" but don't refer to them as junk. I am pretty sure they are holy...why my fiancee says oh god all the time...

Comment Re:Umm... (Score 1) 94

Maybe combine Grand Theft Auto and education by making the player add up fines or the value of the drugs he just stole...

The easiest way is to not pay the fines on principle and to take all the drugs as quickly as possible

Comment Re:Wrong question (Score 1) 899

/* however, I challenge anyone to go to a party, bring up a discussion about the question of whether mathematics is invented or discovered, and see how long you can keep it up. */

If you're going to a party, thinking about math, you're doing it wrong. Very, very wrong. Dork.

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