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Linux Business

Submission + - How Open Do You Want to Be?

e5rebel writes: "It's hard to get a good handle on open source use in enterprises. The Open Source Census may help change that. If this takes off it could certainly provide some much-needed objective information early next year, when the first results should be out. However, it's not clear whether enough companies will be prepared to go to the trouble of participating: will you?:"

Submission + - How far can you drive on fumes?

netbuzz writes: "The question, more precisely, is how far can you go after the gas-tank warning light comes on? In a quest to find out, Justin Davis, a moonlighting Web developer from Arbor Networks, this summer launched "Tank on Empty," a site devoted to collecting hard data and harrowing tales about the road so many fear to travel: the road beyond E. Tomorrow night, "20/20" will delve into this most pressing matter in a report that will include John Stossel ripping a page from a memorable "Seinfeld" episode. In the meantime, Davis explains how he is prepping his modest site for a heavy traffic spike."
The Internet

Submission + - Congressman Hollywood wants to revisit DMCA (

Stormy seas writes: Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA) used a House subcommittee hearing today to express his view that the DMCA was in need of a rewrite. During his opening remarks for a hearing on the PRO-IP Act, Berman said that the DMCA's Safe Harbor needs further scrutiny and that it might be time to make filtering mandatory. There's more: Berman also 'wants to examine the "effectiveness of takedown notices" under the DMCA, and he'd like to take another look at whether filtering technology has advanced to the point where Congress ought to mandate it in certain situations.'

Submission + - Microsoft Kills AutoPatcher

Sounder40 writes: Sad news indeed from the AutoPatcher crew:

"Today we received an e-mail from Microsoft, requesting the immediate take-down of the download page, which of course means that AutoPatcher is probably history. As much as we disagree, we can do very little, and although the download page is merely a collection of mirrors, we took the download page down.

We would like to thank you for your support. For the past 4 years, it has been a blast. Unfortunately, it seems like it's the end of AutoPatcher as we know it.

Submission + - Scientists claim to have broken the speed of light (

GnarlyDoug writes: German scientists claim that they have broken the speed of light barrier while researching quantum tunneling. In effect they claimed that some photons traveled a greater distance than other photons in the same amount of time, and thus moved faster than the speed of light. Personally I'll wait to see what happens when their tests are peer reviewed and duplicated, but it's interesting.

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