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Newsweek Easter Egg Reports Zombie Invasion 93

danielkennedy74 writes " becomes the latest in a long list of sites that will reveal an Easter egg if you enter the Konami code correctly (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter). This is a cheat code that appeared in many of Konami's video games, starting around 1986 — my favorite places to use it were Contra and Life Force, 30 lives FTW. The Easter egg was probably included by a developer unbeknownst to the Newsweek powers that be. It's reminiscent of an incident that happened at ESPN last year, involving unicorns."

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 321

Same goes for any other type of server, you just make sure that any non deterministic parts of your server calls are shared among the cluster. How you do this is up to you (memcached/database) just make sure it's 100% replicated.

Then when one machine stops doing what it's supposed to (or looks like it might), your heartbeat script writen for the occasion kicks in, rotates the offending machine out of the cluster and, if you really have the budget, rotates a spare into it's place which then syncs with the other machines and off you go.

Comment Re:Is it time to look yet? (Score 1) 368

OK, I'm running 4.4rc so I might be able to help.

For the first problem, the 'save settings' has been replaced by the profile system. When you modify the settings your actually changing the current profile, so that might explaine some things. Don't use profiles myself but there.

As for the terminal size, not to say but I can't see a use case for having a fixed size, and IIRC the 'save window size' thing is done outside the application, ie it's a standerd, probably window manager, thing.



Comment Re:Gaze not into stupid, lest it gaze back... (Score 4, Insightful) 473

I don't know if you realise, but you just used the words 'abuse' in regard to you interaction with the video game with the intention to cause 'terror'.

Your depiction of the actions in itself blurs the frontier between reality and virtuality.

You aren't 'moving pixels arround', that's what happens in tha game, but that isn't what you do when playing. When playing you provoke suffering and take pleisure from it.

The Almighty Buck

How To Make Money With Free Software 81

bmsleight writes "The Dutch Ministry of Finance organized an architecture competition to design not a building, but rather the new 5-Euro commemorative coin. The theme was 'Netherlands and Architecture'. The winning design was made 100% with free software, mainly Python, but also including The Gimp, Inkscape, Phatch, and Ubuntu. The design is amazing — the head of Queen Beatrix is made up of the names of architects based on their popularity in Yahoo searches (rendered in a font of the artist's own devising). In the end the artist, Stani Michiels, had to collaborate closely on location with technicians of the Royal Dutch Mint, so all the last bits were done on his Asus Eee PC. Soon, 350,000 Dutch people will use and enjoy the fruits of free software."

Comment Re:Another fashionable addition for PHP: (Score 1) 523

One word for you: inline

There, that takes care of your overhead.

If you need 15 variables passed, than you probably need to:

a) Regroup them into logical constructs
b) Ask yourself why your code is using 15 unrelated bits of data and clean your algo up.

Sorry, but there is no place (outside asm) that a goto should be used. It's just a bug waiting to happen.


Submission + - iPhone has a built-in spyware module? (

pilok22 writes: Russian underground hackers released a white paper with analysis of iPhone firmware. They found a very suspicious function which can steal all personal information from an iPhone.

Submission + - Asked to install Pirated Software, what do you do?

An anonymous reader writes: I am an IT professional, and due to budget constraints, I have been told to install multiple copies of MS Office, despite offering to install OpenOffice, and other OpenSource Office products. Even though most of the uses are for people using Excel like a database, or formatting of text in cells, other programs are not tolerated. I have been over ruled by our controller, to my disagreement. Other than drafting a letter to the owners of the company on how I disagree with the policy, what else can I do? I would never turn them in, but I am in tough place by knowing doing something illegal. I want to keep my job, but disagree with some of the decision making on this issue.

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