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Submission + - I need suggestions - video editor 1

WeeBit writes: I need a video editor that has the following:
add voice, music, or both -unlimited
include pictures, video, slideshows, file presentations
be able to add credits, title, and if necessary text before during or after video,slideshows, pictures
not cost an arm and a leg I am on a budget of less than 150 bucks here.
be able to upload to YouTube or my website, or my blog which is WordPress.
nice transitions, video effects would be a plus.
use for commercial — non commercial

I have used a few as a test run but many lack one or two things above. The one I thought was promising didn't handle sound very well on my box which is windows 7. That was Windows live movie maker. Even using the fade feature did not stop a sound file from handling certain files correctly. The file tended to jump at you, or you could not hear it very well. I believe it had something to do with the quality of the file itself.

Submission + - I need help, suggestions

WeeBit writes: I have created a new website (May 2010) based on a social network theme. First off I have about 80 members. Of these 80 about four post content. Always posting to the same category. The rest log in to just read the content. I want more participation. None of them participate in the groups section of the site. (Burned out on groups?) The website has been building up on people just visiting to read content also. Unfortunately this is where it ends. Everyone loves the idea, but it seems more like to just read the posts, without adding content etc.

I got the idea to go the open source route hoping this may help the website out. How could this help a social website, and how do I go about this if it is feasible? I do not mind doing a copy left instead of a copy right. But would this open the door up for others to copy my idea, instead of helping my website to grow? How do I get the Opensource community to embrace my website? Should I change the website back to a beta if I do this? Should I allow coders to create apps for the website? What things should I consider before embracing the open source community? What type of Opensource license should I consider using? Do I need to make changes? This will be my first Open Source project. I did not post the addy, because I did not want this post to look spammy. Suggestions, and ideas welcomed. Check my profile for the website url. Thanks for all help on my project.

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