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Journal Journal: In regards to Linux drivers...



So I have a KWorld ATSC-110 video tuner/capture card. While I am kind of disappointed with what it could do, since I thought it could do more than that, it's still a pretty nice card if you can get it cheap enough. It's based on the Philips 7134 capture chip, and has very good, although not perfect, driver support under Windows XP.

Unfortunately, VLC and mplayer don't seem to display the stream properly, leaving me with Windows Movie Maker and Beyond TV (Which came with the card).

Beyond TV doesn't seem to be able to record the video stream for any great length of time, or perhaps if you don't lock the computer/let it go to screensaver. And even before it stops recording video, I tend to get green lines in the video as it can't seem to record it quick enough.

WMM will record the stream as long as I don't lock the screen or let it go to screensaver (Or log back on) as it complains about the screen resolution changing, which it doesn't, and which WMM shouldn't be concerned with. But, if I happen to turn off the screen saver and let it run, it can record, but only at 512Kbps 320x240 pixels or less because it's reencoding it as a compressed WMV in real time. So, only having a 2GHz Athlon 64 isn't enough to get any high quality.

Now, what's this to do with Linux? I can view the composite video stream under Linux, but only after modifying the 7134 driver to include my card. And so far I can only get composite working (Haven't tried svideo) as I can't guess the right voodoo incantation to get the tuner working. Then, there's mplayer, which can't seem to save the stream there either. (I tried mencoder too!) VLC didn't even open the stream. I'm going to poke around with it later, but I'd like to be able to capture a 640x480 video stream. Forget about the promisied 1920x1080i HDTV capture capability. So, anyone here happen to work on the 7134 capture driver? :X

In addition, it'd be nice if the composite/svideo in/output of the Matrox Millenium was supported (Yes, the original 8MB VRAM Millenium with 26-Pin (High Density) media connector with 2xMic/Line-In/Line-Out/2xComposite-In/Composite-Out/SVideo-in/out.

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Journal Journal: Stuffs & Stuffs

For some reason my post seems to not contain the link to the site (A good thing?), which is here

In other news, my 200GB HDD died & was replaced under warranty.

BeyondTV is bleh. It needs to allow dedicated viewing of svideo/composite instead of making that only for external set-top boxes.

Media Portal is also bleh. Haven't tested it too much.

KnoppMyth is scary. It seemed like it was going to wipe my entire drive during install, so I aborted. (Using the "quit" button did nothing, which is even scarier).

Journal Journal: I R T3H L33T

I got a 120GB HDD and a stick of 512MB RAM. W00T. o-o

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Journal Journal: Microsoft Bypasses Their Own Security.

I have a laptop with Windows98 (I believe it is not second edition). On it is a shared folder with two passwords. (One for read only, one for full access.) I accessed the laptop from my desktop with WindowsXP on it and there was no prompt for a password. It just worked. Full access and all.
    Weblion "Who needs to hack when Microsoft bypasses their own security?" X


Journal Journal: Back from the dead

Weee... I have a journal. Anyway, I'd like to state that Operating Systems suck. Yeah, I've tried installing both Slackware and Gentoo. They installed okay, but neither like the wireless NIC, so I couldn't emerge Gentoo or access the internet under Slackware, and then I went back to Windows XP. XP installed after five tries, and then it took most of a day to get the drivers for the wireless NIC to work. I think that I've come to the conclusion that Operating Systems don't suck per se, but the fact that there is so little support for some kinds of hardware sucks. (BTW, just so I don't get killed, I have three partitions, XP, Slack, and Gentoo, so just leave me be. Well, a fourth if you count the swap... Meh, whatever.)

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