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Submission + - Is there an iPhone app for Slashdot in the works? 4

Kensai7 writes: I'm trying to follow Slashdot on my mobile Safari but it's kind of difficult with all these threaded comments and scrolling around. Slashdot has been clearly thought for desktop browsing, something that makes its mobile equivalent a pain. Some other of my favorite IT sites (Engadget, ReadWriteWeb, etc) have recently launched native iPhone apps to enhance the mobile experience and make navigating easier for a mobile device.

Is there going to be an official Slashdot app anytime soon?

Submission + - Google Chrome on Linux starting to get serious (

Lee Mathews writes: "Not only has Chromium gotten easier to take for a test drive thanks to the PPA for Ubuntu Chrome daily build team, but development on the browser is also progressing nicely. Despite being a very early build, Chromium on Linux feels solid and boasts the same blazing speed the Windows users have been enjoying for months."

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