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Submission + - poll suggestion

WannaBeGeekGirl writes: Favorite Asian Cinema Director and/or Producer:
  • Akira Kurosawa
  • John Woo
  • Ang Lee
  • Yimou Zhang
  • Jing Wong
  • Cowboy Neal Ninja Cinema

Submission + - Tattoos, what do you think about the ink?

WannaBeGeekGirl writes: /.'ers you represent a unique and interesting demographic and that makes your opinion useful.

I've done my share of research up to this point about tattoos. Even though tattoos aren't forever anymore due to skin laser treatment technology, the ink is on your skin so I consider it a personal subject on some level. Therefore, I started out by talking to people that had tattoos and listening to their stories. There are plenty of resources in the old school media that I've been watching for the last three years. Magazines, tv series and books are loaded with information about the subject from many points of view. Sorting through the online resources is even more intimidating. Whether you google, skip around on webrings or approach it from a customer's perspective like most topics, the amount of data is overwhelming. I believe the moderation system here and the demographic I mentioned earlier will help me mine some useful data more efficiently. We might even start some interesting discussion and see some nifty art.

To be clear, I'm not asking for your opinions about a specific tattoo for me personally, but on the subject in general. I'm looking for your input based on personal experiences, resources you can share and other helpful creative discussion.

Submission + - Indiana Jones Digging for E.T.?

WannaBeGeekGirl writes: Being raised less than an hour from Roswell, NM and as the daughter of two Archeaologists, I couldn't resist the title of this call for papers from the EAA (European Association of Archaeologists). The session is titled with some wit "'Fringe' Archaeologies: 'The Other' Past".

I must say, I thought I'd seen quite a lot of unusual ways to get grant money, but this one managed to surprise me. Growing up to all the wild tales of life digging out in the field I managed to come up with some humourous mental pictures. Before I read the abstract, I was already conjuring images in my imagination of these poor grad students of the future trying to dig in other atmospheres. It doesn't appear to have gotten to that point yet though.

Still, even though I did not follow in my parents footsteps, I can't help wondering if this sort of quest to understand an "other" past is a little bit too out there?

Submission + - newbie coder

Anonymous Coward writes: "I have been in the IT field ever since the onset of 1 way cable modems, 10 years later I look at my resume filled with candy that any IT recruiter would love to market. I currently am employed at one of the world's largest E-Commerce firms. I have no real world experience when it comes to creating programs. The only thing I have relatively done is code up a generic script to run Cramer's Law in my Trig/Calc class. (And no I didn't steal it, via Ti-82 comm cable) I wrote it myself. My company is primarily Perl based when it comes to writing utilities. However, Perl is unique in that, there are many ways to do one thing. Which honestly is great to hear, but I have been told that this can form bad habits. (IE sloppy code) I need to learn Perl as a method to propel myself at work and in general linux administration. Should I learn another scripting language first? (Bash?, Tcl?) Sure this opens up a great world of debate. Please if any contact is send explain why to run a specific path. For other's that are learning, and have gotten proficient what worked for you? I have been staring at an O'Reilly's manual and still feel left in cold dark world of not knowing perl."
Input Devices

Submission + - Tech Tools: Should The Boss Or Worker Provide Them

bandmassa writes: "As a workplace trainer, my role is to train my colleagues in using audio recorders and digital cameras. Most of these people have perfectly good units of their own that are often more compatible with work systems than the official tools provided, and are easier for the reporters to use than gadgets provided by the boss.

As a trade unionist all my life it galls me to think that the best way to get people using tools-of-trade properly is to require them to get their own, but I'm starting to think "the boss" (or the IT department, anyway) doesn't have a clue about usability and production needs when it comes to digital audio recorders and still cameras for news gathering.

What do /.ers think?"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Mineral Oil Submerged PC - Laxative for the Elite?

Gordon writes: "A friend of mine and I made a PC completely submerged in an aquarium filled with liquid laxative. You guessed it, mineral oil. Currently, it is acting as my server and is running quite cool and stable. Why would we do this? Well, a couple of things come to mind. 1. It looks pretty unnatural and spiffy to say the least. 2. No dust. 3. Mineral oil draws heat without the usage of air, great for cooling. 4. It is a non-conductive, safe to use. The difference from this submerged PC from the rest is that it is stepping up to the challenge in terms of acting as a server. It is currently hosting UT2004 and CS:S out of my room. I will keep you posted on temperatures and such since it will be running 24/7. As of now, it has reached 140 F without any other cooling of the sort. For a full tutorial on how to create such a beast plus a video and high res pics, visit: Enjoy!"
The Internet

Submission + - Al Gore Defender of the Net

Brandonski writes: "From the "I invented it, so I should probably defend it department". This post could really go under politics, Books, or YRO. For those of you who haven't heard, Al Gore has a (relativley) new book out, called The Assault on Reason. Time has posted a good excerpt. The book is more about politics than the internet but here's a quote to let you see where he's heading with this: "We must ensure that the Internet remains open and accessible to all citizens without any limitation on the ability of individuals to choose the content they wish regardless of the Internet service provider they use to connect to the Web. We cannot take this future for granted.""

Submission + - Vitamin C prevents addiction?

PsiPsiStar writes: "I've been interested for some time in the effect of ascorbate (non-acidic Vitamin C) on drug detoxification (via glutathione renewal). They tell you in health class that there's nothing you can do to make a drunk sober up more quickly, however ascorbate in large doses does a great job. (Avoid the sugary stuff. Sugar prevents the absorption of larger doses of Vitamin C.)

Here's one study suggesting that ascorbate may allow morphine to be used without danger of dependence or addiction, with the analgesic effects preserved.

This seems especially promising, given the tremendous failure of many drug treatment programs. "

Submission + - New Form of Matter Created

eldavojohn writes: "Researchers created a new form of matter which seems to be a cross between a laser and a superconductor. From the article, "The new state is a solid filled with a collection of energy particles known as polaritons that have been trapped and slowed." For those of you who surpass me in physics, the full text of the research is available from the Journal Science."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - "Cease and Desist NOT using our technology!

Erwin_D writes: Media Rights Technologies (MRT), developers of technology that prevents users from ripping digital media streams, has filed a Cease and Desist letter against Apple, Microsoft, Real and Adobe. The organization claims that these companies are responsible for violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and intellectual property law, by not using MRT's X1 SeCure Recording Control in Vista, Adobe Flash Player, Real Player, iTunes and the iPod products.

Naturally, this will fail hard in court, as MRT does not hold any copyright to any material being alledgidly infringed upon (which is a requirement of the DMCA in order to send S&Ds). It's just an example of "legal marketing", one that may backfire...

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