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Comment Re:Is it me (Score 1) 149

I don't think you understand how credit card processing works. Honestly, this system is just as open to man-in-the-middle and info hijacking as your credit cards are. Banks don't have a secret vault full of "secure" credit processing systems to give to their customers. Hell, most banks don't want anything to do with it, which is why there are scads of credit card processing companies around.

Submission + - Monitoring a Linux System with X11/Cmd/Web Tools

An anonymous reader writes: A description of tools for Linux that let you analyze the performance of your PC, by evaluating the way your PC uses hardware and system services, including RAM, CPU and hard drivers. With the information provided by these tools, you can uncover potential problems, fix performance bottlenecks and make sure your computer is running in tip-top shape.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Good linux distro for Mac Powerbook DVP?

gmc5050 writes: "The inevitable chaos of life has left me in a situation where I have an older Mac Powerbook 400MHz sans OS as the sole digital video output device at my disposal. So many distros, so little patience. As a longtime windows user with only work related experience with Linux I find myself overwhelmed with the knowledge it seems I must acquire to make an intelligent decision regarding which distro to choose. I'd like to just get it done and not look back. So, specifically, I'd like to play DVDs and video files on the Mac hardware running Linux through a standard television using the s-video and audio out. No frills necessary, performance is king. I believe the hardware can manage just fine with regard to my need for quality (or lack thereof). I expect to burn an ISO, install, grab a copy of VLC of the net, pop some corn and enjoy. Any suggestions?"

Submission + - Microsoft Tells Some Users No on Vista

kog777 writes: After years of delays and billions in development and marketing efforts, it would seem that Microsoft Corp. would want anyone who possibly can to buy its new Windows Vista operating system. Yet Microsoft is making it hard for Mac owners and other potentially influential customers to adopt the software. Microsoft says the blockade is necessary for security reasons. But that is disputed. The circumstances might simply reflect a business decision Microsoft doesn't want to explain.

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