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Comment Re:Lost In Space (Score 1) 145

"We do have to get off the Earth as having all of us on the same planet pretty much ensures that we'll eventually all be wiped out by another meteor or similar extinction level event"

Why do Space Nutters always bring this up? Why is it a requirement that we don't go extinct? By the way, there is no way you can get an independent viable colony of humans anywhere but Earth. Read all the scifi you want, but it ain't gonna happen.

Comment Uh what? (Score 2) 32

"It's able to simultaneously evaluate multiple sections of the image -- a departure from previous systems that considered parts of an image one by one".

Wait, uh, this is cutting edge AI? What autonomous system can't evaluate multiple sections of an image

"convolutional neural network [which] picks up on specific features like shapes, symbols, and numbers in the image to decide which type of sign it most likely depicts." Uh, what? You mean the have an algorithm that can decide on types of street signs based on the image? Wow. Truly cutting edge. Autonomous cars are truly right around the corner.

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