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Submission + - The Argument against Android Forking (tech-thoughts.net)

An anonymous reader writes: In recent days, there have been many reports stating that numerous Android handset manufacturers are working on launching smartphones with their own forked versions of Android. Recent comments by Skyhook CEO, Ted Morgan, and the success of Amazon's Kindle Fire seem to have fanned these flames even more. But ignoring Skyhook's stormy relationship with Google, is this really a sound business strategy for OEMs? Let's take a look.

Submission + - New worm virus threatens mobile devices (eu.com)

ciaran_duffy writes: Once the bane of landline connected computers, mobile devices are now under threat from an evolved worm virus that could be the first mobile botnet. According to ComputerWorld.com, a piece of mobile malware known as "Sexy Space," which itself is a variant of another piece of mobile malware called Sexy View, targets devices running the Symbian S60 operating system. Read more here.

Submission + - Queensland Police to look for Open Networks (smh.com.au)

beatingeggs writes: The great WiFi robbery: police to patrol down your street. The Queensland Police fraud squad says it will be the first police force in the world to go on "wardriving" missions to warn homes and businesses if their wireless networks are not secure. Detective Superintendent Brian Hay said criminals were piggy-backing on the WiFi connections of ordinary computer users and using them to anonymously commit crimes such as fraud and identity theft.

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