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Comment Re:Maybe I'm more anal-retentive than most (Score 1) 170

I'm always careful to grab mine, but with all the bullshit rules these days I have FOUR FUCKING BINS plus my bag to take through TSA.

It's complete fucking security theater. Stop requiring removal of all these devices that just slow down lines and lead to lost items. It's all bullshit.

Comment "Middle class" (Score 1) 468

I'll chalk this up as a poor interpretation of what constitutes 'middle class.' Most of the jobs automation would impact might creep into the low end of that range, but not very many.

However, as the wealth disparity widens and more automation in general comes into common use we will eventually have to find a solution. Guaranteed Income and the like may not be the right answer, though it's certainly the common thought right now. We definitely have to look into the issue further.

Comment Re:Let me be the first to say (Score 5, Interesting) 566

Unfortunately that would never happen. I'm sure it would be the usual setup of a physician ensuring the location of the heart is marked as a target, multiple people firing, probably with a couple pointless blanks (shooters can tell the difference, hence pointless). A single shot to the head would be too reminiscent of executions by dictators and terrorists.

While I'm perfectly fine with execution when there is absolute proof of guilt there are too many people on death row under falsified evidence or just plain shit law enforcement or legal work. Right now incarceration for life is cheaper anyway.

Comment High school (Score 1) 351

In high school our computer lab had just gotten new PCs across the board the same time that the original "Doom Test" (playable multiplayer test version) was released. I actually spent a bunch of time playing it before and after school with the computer and math teachers (as opposed to other students).

Comment Re:End the theater (Score 1) 302

Not to mention that they offer the PreCheck lines to people who aren't enrolled in PreCheck... and who consequently have no fucking idea how to go back to early-90s security standards. I waited in line for five minutes last week while a guy kept failing the metal detector... because when they asked him if he had any metal in his body, he forgot about his hip replacement. Would have been faster to go through the regular line.

Even worse, I've been through airports where the TSA drone sitting at the empty Precheck line is basically talking shit to everyone in the regular line right next to her. "You know, you could just sign up for Precheck and not deal with that long line!" Why should I pay ANOTHER fee for pointless security theater?

Comment End the theater (Score 5, Insightful) 302

End the bullshit security theater. Do enough to keep serious explosives off (the crotch-bomber was no threat to the flight as a whole), basic metal detector.

People know now hot to cooperate with hijackers, and have started reacting appropriately (beating the fuck out of anyone attempting it). Cockpit doors are locked now. Those two changes alone were all that were really needed to improve airline security.

Taking away bottles of water and baby formula, stopping people with pocketknives, making everyone take off their shoes and gut half their luggage for the xrays are all a waste of time. They have caught NO THREATS yet. They have failed every single test to actually sneak stuff through.

End it.

Comment Re:H1B visa reform (Score 5, Insightful) 305

I've known a number of H1Bs, have some I've considered good friends, and all of whom will make excellent citizens--almost all are going through the process.

From the H1B perspective, they are effectively indentured servants. They are locked into their employer, and any progress toward citizenship is completely at that company's whim. The employee has no recourse other than to put up and shut up.

From a citizen's perspective, the whole thing has become a sham to replace expensive American workers with far cheaper H1Bs.

Here's how hiring an H1B works (at least part of it):
- Find an H1B candidate
- Make up a fake job listing with EXACTLY that candidate's resume as your 'mandatory requirements'.
- Odds are no citizen will apply that matches those requirements precisely.
- Congrats, the company has now found an "unfillable" position that demands an H1B to fill it!

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