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Submission + - UK Police Now Double As CCTV Cameras (

Voxol writes: From the international capital of CCTV cameras now comes the latest innovation: always-on police-mounted night-vision capable cameras. "I can’t imagine that there is any downside to having such an invaluable piece of kit like this on hand" say police.

Comment Actually it's not a gene, it's a micro RNA. (Score 1) 243

Actually it's not a gene, it's a micro RNA.

A gene is like a blueprint for a protein. This a chunk of DNA that encodes and RNA which in turn up and down regulates other genes. It's not a great metaphor but you might think of it as like the scaffolding used to build a house rather than the blueprints.

Comment Re:Every once in a while someone points a study by (Score 3, Informative) 172

Technically it's an active ingredient in cocoa beans.

In order for it to be good for you, it's necessary to treat the bean differently from the farm to the bar.

You can buy the active ingredient on it's own. And it really is genuinely good for your heart.

Here's a paper in a peer reviewed journal with some evidence for you:


Why Creators Should Never Read Their Forums 221

spidweb writes "One full-time Indie developer writes about why he never goes to online forums discussing his work and why he advises other creators to do the same. It's possible to learn valuable things, but the time and the stress just don't justify the effort. From the article, 'Forums contain a cacophony of people telling you to do diametrically opposite things, very loudly, often for bad reasons. There will be plenty of good ideas, but picking them out from the bad ones is unreliable and a lot of work. If you try to make too many people happy at once, you will drive yourself mad. You have to be very, very careful who you let into your head.'"

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