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Submission + - Trees to call for help if illegally felled (

Damien1972 writes: The Brazilian government has begun fixing trees in the Amazon rainforest with a wireless device, known as Invisible Tracck, which will allow trees to contact authorities once they are felled and moved. Here's how it works: Brazilian authorities fix the Invisible Tracck onto a tree. An illegal logger cuts down the tree and puts it onto a truck for removal, unaware that they are carrying a tracking device. Once Invisible Tracck comes within 20 miles (32 kilometers) of a cellular network it will 'wake up' and alert authorities.

Submission + - New server can be parachuted into extreme environments (

alphadogg writes: A rugged server from NCS Technologies introduced on Friday can withstand drops, will work in extreme temperatures and can be deployed via parachute into crisis areas or war zones if needed. The Bunker XRV-5241 is a 1U rack server designed for organizations such as the military and first responders that need servers in rugged environments. The server has been tested to meet U.S. Department of Defense specifications for environmental, temperature and shock requirements.

Comment Re:Idle... (Score 1) 94

Weren't there reported chupacabra sightings that were proven to be coyotes with severe mange in 2004? It's even been listed in the wikipedia article for years. It must have taken a lot of work and quite a visionary leap for this biologist too look at wikipedia and come up with this "theory".

Comment Re:ok i'll say it (Score 1) 620

Pfft? No corp will give you a frigate? The corp I used to run would give out cruisers, no prob. I was in a PVP corp for a while where we used chain armor reps and one of the guys refused to fly with people who didn't have a full set of slave implants. So he gave out full sets to anyone who didn't have them. He hooked me up with a bunch of extra faction mods too.

Comment Re:This is bad for China. (Score 1) 34

While I didn't read the first two, I did read the last one, you know, the main topic for this article which said "That seems to be what happened last night when there was a relatively small blockage. It appears now that users in China are accessing our properties normally." A small outage that lasts one evening is definitely what I'd call a hiccup. Yes, China has a horrible history of censorship, but they've been steadily improving by a considerable margin. The fact that they're playing ball with Google at all shows that.

Comment Re:Journalist? (Score 1) 1204

Yes, but is it really stolen if you call the owner and offer to give it back? And then you do give it back as soon as they ask for it? They have to convince a jury that this was theft. I'm kind of curious as to how many found items the police actually put up adds about and how many just get cataloged and thrown in storage. Or where they put the adds if they do put them up.

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