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Comment No it doesn't... not yet anyway (Score 1) 330

I spent this evening trying to get it to encrypt a clean install of Windows XP SP2.

First, there is a problem with creating a recovery CD. If you try to burn the image TC gives you with Alcohol 120% or PowerISO, it will not work. Alcohol burns it, but validation fails. PowerISO doesn't even want to burn that image. You have to use InfraRecorder that their website links to. I have no idea what they are doing with that image, but there is no reason why I should have to go out and get some other piece of software to do the same thing as Alcohol or PowerISO.

That's not the major problem though. So far, I could not encrypt my drive. The process goes to about 21% then dies with a "Data error (cyclic redundancy check)." Very descriptive, as you can tell. I just finished running checkdisk to see if this could be caused by bad disk sectors - nope. The hard drive is perfectly fine. I'm not the only one having the same problem. There are a number of people on wilderssecurity forums that have the same issue.

I have that 21% of the disk encrypted, and pre-boot authentication works fine... now if it could only work for the entire disk. The other thing I found out is that apparently encrypting your system drive will disable hibernation. Not a great thing for my laptop (Fujitsu P7010, in case you were interested). I could live without hibernation for a while, assuming that it will come eventually in a later release. The encryption problem is another story.

Submission + - Open Source alternative to $25k F5 Appliance (

Shawn Wilson writes: "Nginx (Engine-X) provides a FOSS alternative to high priced Global Traffic Management Appliances from F5 Networks and Global Server Load Balancers from companies such as Foundry Networks and Nortel. Nginx provides a fast and lightweight solution that enables Global Traffic Management. GTM or GSLB is a technique used to direct browsers to faster local copies of the same web content, by using the source IP to identify the geographical location of the user. Detailed installation and setup instructions are available in issue 6 of o3 magazine, a free open source / business digital magazine. The magazine is showcasing the solution, as it is hosted on a Content Delivery Network using the very same solution. Using F5 or another vendor, would have cost the magazine approximately US$250,000, instead of two weekends to configure and test the solution."

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