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Comment Re:Classical physics, er, error (Score 1) 394

Well, the simple wrinkle is that we don't know how much time the super-universe takes. Any computation could take a nano-second or a billion years and we would recognize that as the smallest division of time.

If the simulation means that a bus running into you ends your life - it doesn't matter if it's not real.

Comment Why is it assumed this is related to Time? (Score 3, Interesting) 129

I think it's flawed logic to assume that the lowest energy state in a universes so fluid and in motion would be absolute stillness.

Perhaps it's oscillations due to the quantum foam, or space/time itself moves, and thus a lower energy particle would vibrate at some frequency rather than not.

Comment Re:Help them leave (Score 0) 251

Replace the term "Country" with "Trump" everywhere it appears. They aren't destroying the country by leaking, they are affecting the POTUS -- in no way are those the same thing.

Now, if they think that the POTUS is a huge security risk, they might actually be acting on conscience rather than just "having a beef" with the administration.

The current behavior has turned them into enemies of the Democratic party.

Do you feel the same about the Tea Party? I'm not a fan of them, but I admire their conviction and willingness to stand up and be heard.

What I like here, is that Democrats are finally realizing that they are liberals and that they have to fight for their principles. Maybe people are shocked and expect Democrats to sit back and sip tea and crumpets, rather than getting dirty in the trenches.

Leaks at the NSA might not be lawful, but not everything right is legal. The POTUS seems to have no problem pushing the envelope -- but we have Jeff Sessions to make sure he behaves.

Nothing is going to happen to Trump, because the Republicans have the power but lack the ethics. It doesn't matter what is leaked and foreign adversaries can just buy all our sensitive data from contractors (as was exposed on Wikileaks). So you needn't worry.

Comment Re:Has slashdot been taken over by the poor? (Score 1) 172

I started on Slashdot many years go, back when I was making $100,000 a year and my IQ was 165. Now I make less and have started blogging on Reddit. Junk food and the stress of poverty have reduced me to taking fashion tips from Paula Dean, and cooking from Honey Boo Boo's mom.

By leaving Slashdot, I suppose I've lowered the quality on both websites. Until I make more money, I should probably stay away.

My sincerest apologies
That Guy

Comment Re:I seriously doubt this works... (Score 1) 142

I could think of a number of mechanical means to destroy a chip; a Poseidon vise, cables that you wind until they tighten, perhaps creating the substrate on a chip that has a layered meta-material that expands at different rates when a current is applied, forcing the chip to shatter as it curved.

This is Slashdot, nothing is impossible.

Comment Re:Against TOS (Score 1) 652

Do you think they wanted to create a 10-year backlog on reviewing potential immigrant social media accounts on purpose?

I mean, how many people are they going to hire to speak Yemeni or Syrian or what-not to read thousands of blog posts?

We already have good vetting, but this is deep, deep, penetrating vetting. Like a good relationship.

Sadly, most applicants pets will die of old age before the vetting finishes; "Is this your cat! Where is your cat? Where?!"

Comment Re:Because... (Score 1) 217

Well it does kind of work in a way, every business that has a few jobs to keep in USA will show up at his door; "See, this is for you!"

It will create the impression that his influence is working. The number of jobs be damned.

But 2017 will of course be an economic boom year, and we can thank Trump for that.

2018 however, the economy will tank, and we can blame Obama for that.

Comment Re:GamerGate's discussion about this. (Score 1) 760

I don't get how this is about "the left". Harassment is wrong. But someone may have created their own attacks. What one person does, isn't representative of any group. And 11 links to the same reddit thread -- I thought this was slashdot; "news for Nerds" remember? Besides, It's redundant. I have to say; "I don't give a shit" 11 times.

And as for Progressives and the Left -- I concede the culture wars. Have your pyrrhic victories but brush your teeth before bed because marshmallows cause cavities.

Comment Re:Losing (Score 1) 432

Hoover did implement tariffs and some protections -- but they were too late to steer the economy. It's not an all and or all good thing with tariffs -- it's more like the brakes on your car -- none is bad, too much and you can't go anywhere.

Stock speculations on land derivatives was listed as the main cause. Public works projects and infrastructure projects really helped pull us out. The war did cause lag (no, it did NOT help the economy. blowig up bridges does not trump building them).

Besides, trade was only about 5% of the economy at the time. Tariffs or none wouldn't have made a difference.

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