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Submission + - Engineers Create Urine Powered Robot (

Virtucon writes: Using the idea that urine can be used to generate electricity, Engineers in the UK have developed a prototype pump that mimics the human heart. This pump presumably could be used to deliver urine to waste powered fuel cells.

‘We speculate that in the future, urine-powered EcoBots could perform environmental monitoring tasks such as measuring temperature, humidity and air quality,’ said lead researcher Peter Walters of the University of the West of England (UWE), which runs the BRL with Bristol University.

Are pee powered robots in our future? Could the technology be used to power vehicles and would you want it? I mean would you buy a $90,000 Tesla if it smelled like urine all the time?


Submission + - Facebook Graph Search Embarrassing Side-Effects (

halls-of-valhalla writes: "Tom Scott, a web comedian, has recently created a website called "Actual Facebook Graph Searches" ( which demonstrates some embarrassing side-effects of the new Facebook Graph Search. It is apparently possible, and quite easy, to find amusing and embarrassing personal information about your friends by using Facebook Graph Search.

Some example searches are things like "Married people who like Prostitutes" and "Mothers of Jews who like Bacon". Tom Scott shows some screen shots and explanations for numerous amusing searches such as these on his blog.

This just goes to show that people share way too much personal info on their profiles, and they don't know how to properly use their privacy settings."

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Submission + - EFF moves to nix trademark on 'gaymer' (

netbuzz writes: "Spurred by the mark holder’s cease and desist letter to Reddit’s subreddit r/gaymer, the Electronic Frontier Foundation today officially petitioned the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to rescind its grant of a trademark registration on the word gaymer. "This registration should never have been granted," said EFF Intellectual Property Director Corynne McSherry. "Gaymer is a common term that refers to members of this vibrant gaming community, and we are happy to help them fight back and make sure the term goes back to the public domain where it belongs.”"

Submission + - Neanderthals and Early Humans Interbred and Lived in Harmony in Israel ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Early humans may have lived in harmony with Neanderthals and possibly even interbred with them, according to new research.
Archaeologists have discovered stone axes and sharp flint arrowheads of both Homo species in the limestone caves of northern Israel.
The latest findings have led researchers working on the site of Nahal Me'arot, or the Stream Cave, to believe that the two sub-species may have co-existed peacefully in the coastal mountain range currently at war with its neighbors.


Submission + - Robot uses X-rays to debone 500 pork hams per hour (

An anonymous reader writes: Long considered one of the few processes too complicated to be automated with robots, a Japanese company has created a production line robot that uses X-rays to accurately analyze the shape of each and every ham. The robot can debone 500 pork thighs per hour — 10 times more than the best skilled butchers.

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