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Submission + - Web 2.0 Goes to Work (

BlueVoodoo writes: "During this day-long technology briefing from IBM, you'll see demos of the hottest technologies and participate in interactive breakout sessions — a large part of the content will be driven by you and the other attendees as we go along! Related Links: Web 2.0 apps made easy with Rational Application Developer V7 Download Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software V7"

Submission + - How can you spot secure software at a distance? (

nickh01uk writes: "Independent security researchers have compiled a list of their most frequently recommended security infrastructure components, drawn out the common threads that each shares, and attempt to answer the question "What makes this software so uncommonly good?". They then use this knowledge to put forward a straw-man for evaluating future tools and software for use in secure environments. Not everyone will agree with their choices, but many will appreciate the conclusions."

Feed Science Daily: Working To Improve Efficiency Of Ethanol Fuel (

Lowering fuel emission levels is a topic facing constant scrutiny by the global public. Rising gas costs, environmental concerns and conflicts in oil-producing areas have made consumers, corporations and researchers more than curious about the potential of alternative, or "green," fuels, such as ethanol.

Feed Engadget: New Dell XPS M1730 pics pop-up (

Filed under: Laptops

Notebook Italia has turned up even more shots of Dell's new XPS M1730 laptop, from a variety of different angles. What's very clear from the new pictures is that this model has size "issues," so if you don't like chunky lappies, stay away. Still, those specifications -- 17-inch screen, Core 2 Extreme X7800 chip, GeForce 8700M -- do look mighty tasty. Ahh, decisions, decisions.

[Thanks, dellfan24]

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Submission + - Dell to offer more Ubuntu-powered models (

kickabear writes: "Dell and Canonical are getting set to expand the lineup of Ubuntu-based PCs.

From the article: '"What's been announced to date is not the full extent of what we will see over the next couple of weeks and months," Shuttleworth said an interview late on Wednesday. "There are additional offerings in the pipeline," he said.'

Dell declined comment."

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