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Comment Re:Has Nintendo not heard of smartphones? (Score 0, Flamebait) 157

No one over the age of 12 gives a damn about any of Nintendos game franchises. If they think they're going to corner the kids market then good luck to them, but they might find that the kids have moved on.

"Those that think it's about the hardware, just do not play games."

Of course its about the hardware or we'd all still be playing games on an Atari 2600.

Comment Has Nintendo not heard of smartphones? (Score 1) 157

Anyone who wants decent mobile gaming has already got a choice of dozens of devices that also do more than just play games. I don't understand the logic behind this. Perhaps it'll work in japan but it'll be a dismal failure everywhere else. Still, its their billions to burn. Meanwhile playstation and xbox just keep on trucking...

Comment Re:Humans have been doing it for 1000s of years (Score 1) 258

The drinking of milk and the production of it are 2 seperate arguments. I agree industrialised production of milk doesn't have the best interests of animal welfare at heart , but ditto every other aspect of farming, even arable where acres are scorch earthed and planted with a monoculture. The only solution is to reduce the population then we can all eat "organically" produced produce. But that suggestion doesn't go down well with about 50% of the population who are programmed to have kids and a lot of men who think its a divine commandment.

Comment Re:How smart is Snowden, exactly? (Score -1, Troll) 107

Didn't you know, he's the Second Coming amongst his cult of fanboys. He knows all, He can see all and His mere presense on a low bitrate Skype call from some chicken coup in Omsk or whatever luxury establishment the FSB have put Him up in will banish the darkness of the interwebs! Or something.

Comment Re:Stupid python comment (Score 1) 165

"For code that's not immediately obvious, or complex: that's what comments are for."

Agreed. But sadly a lot of coders think comments are for sissies, so given that I'd sooner have to read their uncomment mess in python than perl.

"Have you ever used the MySQL-python extension (a.k.a. MySQLdb)"

No, but I've used Cx_Oracle and that seemed fine to me. Anyway, you can't blame the language for someones bad library design. That happens in every language.

Comment Stupid python comment (Score 1, Troll) 165

" Perl has always considered itself primarily a programmer-centric language, while Python has always considered itself to be more institution-centric. So in a sense it's a bit dumbed down, much like Java. You'll note both of those languages make their greatest appeal to managers. :-) "

What a pile of steaming ****. I'm a C++ programmer (so I'm used to obtuse syntax), not a manager but I'd always choose Python over Perl since I want a scripting language to have a lot of useful libraries (yes, perl has those too) but crucially I want any code I write in it to be obvious what its doing not only to other coders in the future but to me too! Now I don't much care for the whitespace-is-indentation aspect of Python, but aside from that its syntax kicks Perls backside I'm afraid. It someone might think its clever to write a 10 line script in perl that can process an entire DB and make the coffee at the same time, but I'd sooner have to work on the 50 line python script that I can actually understand in 10 mins, not 3 hours. Too many sigils in a language does NOT aid clarity - it has exactly the opposite effect. Line noise is not a good look for code.

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