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Submission + - Remarkable New Theory Says There's No Gravity (

Jeff Socia writes: Gravity is something all of us are familiar with from our first childhood experiences. You drop something — it falls. And the way physicists have described gravity has also been pretty consistent — it’s considered one of the four main forces or “interactions” of nature and how it works has been described by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity all the way back in 1915.

But Professor Erik Verlinde, an expert in string theory from the University of Amsterdam and the Delta Institute of Theoretical Physics, thinks that gravity is not a fundamental force of nature because it's not always there. Instead it’s “emergent” — coming into existence from changes in microscopic bits of information in the structure of spacetime.

Submission + - Protect Your Privacy During Difficult Times: A Hacker's Guide to Cyber-Safety (

Cyware writes: President-elect Donald Trump’s criticism of encryption technology and interest in expanding government surveillance have technologists and civil libertarians deeply concerned. To protect digital privacy during turbulent times use the following tips: 1) Use apps and services which give “end-to-end encryption.” For private email, Tutanota and ProtonMail lead the pack. For phone calls and messaging the best apps on the market are WhatsApp and Signal. 2) To avoid being tracked while surfing the web, use browser extensions. Two recommended privacy browser extensions are uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger. 3) For the simplest approach to private web browsing, recommended VPN is Freedome by F-Secure. It’s only a few dollars a month, incredibly easy to use and works on computers and mobile devices.

Submission + - Trump chooses Scott Pruitt, climate change denier, to head the EPA (

Victor_0x53h writes: Scott Pruitt, attorney general of Oklahoma and a sceptic of climate science, has been chosen by Donald Trump as the next administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. He is part of legal action waged by 28 states against the EPA to halt the Clean Power Plan, an effort by Barack Obama’s administration to curb greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants and has sided with Exxon Mobil in investigations by the attorneys general in Massachusetts and New York over claims that it misled investors by covering up its knowledge of climate change.

Comment Re:I'd like to thank the leader of said nation-sta (Score 1) 667

Since the election I've been fascinated with the idea that only 1/3 Americans have a great or fair amount of trust in the media* while at the same time an increasing number of people prefer news from a single-source or whatever they find on facebook.**

What leads so many people to say that investigative journalism is a sham? If there is no free media, how do we trust any news. I'm sure not able to read the thousands of Wikileaks e-mails and do the research necessary to determine what is pertenant.

* **

Comment Re:social media site (Score 1) 232

I wish more people had the time and/or inclination to fact-check what they believe and pass onto others. How many plausible claims for or against candidates did you fact check this election cycle and how much time did you spend doing it? I stop short at name calling because the truth is I spent hours trying to verify certain claims and most voters don't have that kind of time. It's inundating to try obtain reliable facts and evidence from a credible source.

The question in my opinion is does Facebook profit from turning a blind eye to the kind of polarizing self-affirming material and the feedback-loop of a bubble they create for their users because it keeps them in-house? If they do profit from this and Facebook is the sole source of news for an increasing number of adults what, if anything, can or should be done?

Submission + - Snowden Joins Twitter, Follows NSA (

wiredmikey writes: Edward Snowden joined Twitter Tuesday, picking up more than a quarter of a million followers on the social network in just over two hours.

Snowden followed a single Twitter account: the US National Security Agency, from which he stole electronic documents revealing the agency's secret surveillance programs.

"Can you hear me now?" he asked in his first tweet, which was quickly resent by Twitter users tens of thousands of times.

In his second, Snowden noted the recent news about the planet Mars and then quipped about the difficulty he had finding asylum after the US government fingered him as the source of the NSA leaks.

"And now we have water on Mars!" he wrote. "Do you think they check passports at the border? Asking for a friend."

Submission + - Libiquity to sell Libreboot X200, fully-free laptops

Victor_0x53h writes: Libiquity is announcing that it will soon start selling Libreboot X200 subnotebooks — laptops modified to run entirely on free/libre and open source software. The fast, flexible, and secure Libreboot firmware will boot to a user-friendly Trisquel GNU/Linux desktop.

The Free Software Foundation recently announced its endorsement of the Libreboot X200, a refurbished Lenovo laptop, currently available through Gluglug. The laptop ships with 100% free software and firmware and Intel's AMT removed.

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