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Submission + - Human Rights Commission hijack citizen's ISP link (

Sharkford writes: Who's that using your wi-fi to post hate speech on the Internet? Could be the cops, of course! Evidence presented at a Canadian trial would seem to indicate that investigators with the Canadian Human Rights Commission hijacked the Internet link of an Ottawa woman to participate in online chat sites they were investigating. The woman appears to be unrelated to the case but her apartment is near the Commission's headquarters. The evidence was subpoenaed from Bell Canada (owners of the ISP Sympatico) after months of delays as the Commission claimed their methods were protected for national security reasons.

Submission + - California Testers Find Flaws in Voting Machines ( 1

quanticle writes: According to Ars Technica, California testers have discovered severe flaws in the ES&S voting machines. The paper seals were easily bypassed, and the lock could be picked with a "common office implement". After cracking the physical security the device, the testers found it simple to reconfigure the BIOS to boot off external media. After booting a version of Linux, they found that critical system files were stored in plain text. They also found that the election management system that initializes the voting machines used unencrypted protocols to transmit the initialization data to the voting machines, allowing for a man-in-the-middle attack.

Altogether, it is a troubling report for a company already in hot water for selling uncertified equipment to counties.

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