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Submission + - Mediacom using DPI to hijack searches, 404 errors ( 1

Verteiron writes: Cable company Mediacom recently began using deep packet inspection to redirect 404 errors, Google and Bing searches to their own, ad-laden "search engine". Despite repeated complaints from customers, Mediacom continues this connection hijacking even after the user has opted out of the process. Months after the problem was first reported, the company seems unwilling or unable to fix it and has even experimented with injecting their own advertising into sites like Google. How does one get a company infamous for its shoddy customer service and comfortable, state-wide cable monopolies to act on an issue like this?

Submission + - Scientist predicts our extinction within 100 years (

Verteiron writes: Australian scientist Frank Fenner claims that humanity will face extinction in as little as 100 years. Using Easter Island as an example, Fenner says that imminent climate change and massive overpopulation has already sealed the fate of humanity, and that all attempts to slow or reverse it are merely delaying the inevitable. Bummer.

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