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Comment Re:Stop buying crippled devices (Score 1) 228

I get you point, but what if the device just does the things that i want it to do?
My TV has (at least I've read it in a forum) a Linux-based OS in there to do the menus.

But i can't install any arbitrary app that I want.

Is it crippled? maybe. But it does the thing that i want from it (watching TV) so its ok for me.

Same with my iPhone/Xbox/PS/... They do the things that i want them to do.

Would they be able to do even more? Yes! They could run any arbitrary application.
Do I need them to to so? No, they do the things they are supposed to do.
Would it be better if they were unlocked? Yes.

Comment Re:Pondians? (Score 1) 447

Are university attendees not called students?

In german there are different words for university students (Student) and students in schools (Schueler).

Pretty much every university here in Austria would strongly object to being called a school. (the whole system how you learn is structured completely different)

Comment Re:And I thought... (Score 1) 551

Suggestion to anyone who is travelling overseas with a phone on roaming mode. Turn off ALL internet access. It will save you hundreds!

That was actually the default setting in my iPhone 3GS. you have to turn data roaming explicitly on, if you want it

Comment Should HW Vendors block (unsigned) Firmwares? (Score 1) 275

So what does /. thinks?
-) Block all unsigned Firmware, locking out the hacker community for the sake of "security"?
-) Allow hacks and custom firmware? (with the possibillity of security issues)
-) think: my Firmware will never have any bugs, i'll put in a ROM (with the risk of recalling the HW when a serious issue is found)

Comment Re:Can they do that? (Score 1) 60

That's only because the tools that you mention don't put any copyrighted content that they haven't given permission for others to distribute into what those tools produce.

What about the fonts from Office?

Someone has to have the copyright on Arial, Times new Roman,...

So in some way, i *am* distributing copyrighted material with a printed .doc(x) File

(the Word license most likely says that this is ok...)

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