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Comment It reminds me... (Score 1) 412

This reminds me of a restaurant much favored by my crowd when we were in college. It had a prime rib buffet at a very reasonable price. It had a sign over the slicing board, "All you can Eat - $7.99" (it was a long time ago). One of my pals had an unquenchable hunger for prime rib, and would eat pounds and pounds of it at a sitting there. After a month of pretty frequent visits, one night, he finished a big plate of it, and ankled over to get his second serving. The owner was standing in front of the station and said "You can't have any more". "But the sign says, all you can eat!" my pal complained. The owner said "That's all you can eat" and just glowered at him until he left. That's pretty much what Verizon is doing.

Comment Re:The Finest Day.... (Score 3, Interesting) 184

Funny, I remember it vivdly too, but not like that. I was in my room reading "Galactic Patrol" by EE "Doc" Smith. My mother interrupted me to call me in and make me watch the landing coverage on TV. I was really annoyed, because, compared to ripping through the spaceways with Kimball Kinnison, this lunar landing was boring small potatotes.

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 231

People who believe this are typically people who have never had to actually depend on the police in an emergency - they have a wildly over optimistic view of what the police do. They very rarely stop a crime in progress - they come later, collect evidence, and ask witnesses what happened. Of course, it's too late for the victim then...

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