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Comment Re:So a computer geek walks into a bar ... (Score 1) 479

... and some chick asks him what he does for a living. He answers, "I'm a computer geek." She replies, "Oh, wow, that turns me on! Go to the restroom and get some condoms, and then we'll go back to my place!" If any Slashdotter posted something like that, the responses would be, "Yeah, right, in your dreams!"

So then three days later, he goes to another bar, and a different chick hits on him. The whole story seems quite apocryphal.

If this story is true, it sounds like Assange must be as charming as George Clooney and must be a skilled martial artist with nunchucks, which he needs to beat back the women folk.

To be fair, I have met guys who had that effect on women. There's one guy in particular I used to think was ful of BS, from the stories he told, until I actually saw him around women. And was reasonably stunned.

Comment My experience (Score 3, Insightful) 341

I finish a very low percentage of the games I buy, certainly less than 50%, probably less than 25%. The biggest reason is that I now have a great deal more money than I did when I was a preteen/teenager. Back then, I'd save up money for months to buy a game, so I'd like it to last me as long as possible. Gaming was also one of my only real interests back then, so I'd go through them faster. Now, a single paycheque can net me several hundred dollars in disposable income, a fair portion of which I still blow on video games. At the same time, I have less free time, with university, work, World of Warcraft, books, and other interests I've picked up along the way.

Not finishing a game doesn't mean I didn't enjoy my time with it, just that I went on to something different before the game ran out of gameplay. Some games I really enjoyed (like GTA4), I never ended up finishing for one reason or another. I also have a tendency to go back and finish games I started years ago, sometimes with a fresh start, other times picking up the old save file. I also prefer a variety of gaming experiences to spending a ton of time with one single game (WoW excepted, but that's more due to the social aspect of WoW.) I've never really done the whole 100% complete thing on a single player game. I suppose this makes me the ideal consumer, heh.

I know I really ought to look for games with a 10 hour single player campaign, which I actually beat consistently, but my instincts for long games from when I was 12 kick in, and I often buy long RPGs I rarely finish, for instance, I picked up FFXIII when it came out, but I don't think I've beat the tutorial yet, despite being around 20 hours into it. :-/

Comment Real or broken? (Score 1) 375

Well, I have a bunch of files that managed to get timestamped in, I think, 1968 somehow, but certainly aren't that old in reality. Oldest files I have that are really that old are some old WordPerfect files from 1993-1994. Those are tests and stuff my dad made (he's a high school teacher) that I've backed up.

I also have a few floppies of various sizes somewhere. I'm sure some of them have files that are legitimately from the late 1980s, though, I don't have any way of actually reading them anymore.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 2, Informative) 240

I don't think their keynote last year sucked. There they announced New Super Mario Bros Wii, Mario Galaxy 2 and the big surprise, Metroid: the Other M.

You might be thinking of the 2008 keynote which had Wii Music and not much else. That one certainly failed, but I don't think the 2009 one did.

Comment Re:Day Late... (Score 1) 235

Not only that, but by 2011 the next revision of the iPad should be coming out. Like the iPod and iPhone, I imagine it'll really be the second and third revision of the iPad that become popular.

Comment I'd love a 250GB cap (Score 1) 306

Two months ago my (terrible) ISP decided that the contract we signed was a one way deal, and went from having no bandwidth cap to putting a 20 GB cap on us, with no way to purchase a higher limit. This is beyond asinine, as we are a family of six people, and a 20GB limit is tiny for six people, especially as the usage they claim we use is around twice as much as I measure us using. They probably base it on an assumed 1-2 people. *sigh* I'd kill for a 250GB cap.

I'd love to change, but this is, literally, the only available carrier here. Vote with your wallet my ass.

What makes me the most angry, is how we signed a contract with them for a certain service, then they arbitrarily decide that their contract only applies to us, and they can change the terms all they want.

And yes, I know just because I have a crappy cap, doesn't make a bigger one okay. I just felt like complaining anyway.

Comment Only problem with that (Score 3, Informative) 458

The problem with that, as I'm sure many others here can attest to, is were one to stand up to bullies, many schools somehow managed to punish the bullied student worse than the bully, who often gets off scot free, no matter what.

I hope things are somewhat better now, with all the anti-bullying programs and stuff, than when I went to school in the '90s and early 2000s.

It is somewhat of a consolation in a perverse way to find out what most former bullies do now that we're all adults. A great many can hardly hold down a minimum wage job, and blow all their money on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. In theory, I wish them the best. But, yeah...

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 2, Funny) 114

It's especially bad as it turns out Sen. Smith was actually a judge in a cat show, and was, in preparation for a contest, scoring some of his friends' cats at his apartment to familiarise himself with the scoring system.

Naturally, of course, all the context is thrown out of the window when people want to protest something.

Comment Saw this coming (Score 0, Troll) 114

I've been very interested in politics since I was 15 or 16 or so (23 now). Around the same point, I realised that, while not likely, it was still entirely possible that I might end up in a position where something I wrote on the internet will bite me in the arse 10+ years later. Since that realisation, I've been generally trying to keep myself from writing anything too embarrassing, or political on the internet. Still, I find it amusing, in the theoretically incredibly unlikely event I end up as Prime Minister or something important, people combing over posts I made on a Pokemon message board when I was 12. Or protesting that I supported something silly when I was 14. (OMG, look at this, the PM posted some weird pro-British Empire stuff when he was 14, he must be a closet racist!)

So yeah, for the past 6 or 7 years, most of the stuff I've posted has been gaming related, or generally politically neutral. There are a few wild things from when I was 12-15, and I'm sure I've slipped up and posted something stupid since then.

Comment Re:Makes me worried for other environmental proble (Score 1) 131

I guess it's the whole hysterical global warming contingent, that likes to blame everything on global warming. Too many hurricanes? Global warming. Too few hurricanes? Global warming. Heat wave? Global warming. Cold snap? Global warming.

Plus, many actual environmentalists I've met tend to be trying to use it as a cover for some sort of Marxism, and generally appear to me, at least, favor words over action. That and what generally appears to be hypocrisy (Al Gore taking a private jet to a conference to warn about carbon emissions.)

So basically, environmentalists make me distrust environmentalism. It's a pretty terrible reason, I'll admit, but it happens. I imagine, similarly, there are a great many people more turned off of religion by fanatics and fundamentalists than by the actual doctrines.

Comment Makes me worried for other environmental problems (Score 2, Interesting) 131

The Aral Sea is a horrifying and very visible example of the scale of what humans can do when their policies end up destroying the environment. A major lake, once the fourth largest in the world, reduced to almost nothingness in just a few decades. Unlikely to ever fully recover.

While I remain skeptical (but not outright dismissive) of many of the claims of the environmental movement, particularly the global warming and carbon footprint stuff, it's stuff like this that really makes me worried. If on a small scale people can do this, I really do worry what might happen on a larger scale.

Comment Why are MMOs considered a waste of time? (Score 2, Insightful) 177

One thing I've never really understood is why there is such a strong belief among many people that MMOs are a huge waste of time and suck the life out of people. I play WoW an average of two hours a day, judging from my /played time. Most of my co-workers seem to think I have no life because of this. (I have no life, but it's not because of WoW.) Most information I've seen shows the average American watching five or so hours of TV a day. I really fail to see why MMOs are considered so terrible by many people, but watching that much TV isn't...

On that note, WHAT THE HELL DO PEOPLE WATCH FOR FIVE HOURS A DAY, EVERY DAY? Do they just get home from work, turn on the TV, and watch it until they go to sleep? I'd be hard pressed to find five hour long shows to watch every day. Even with DVDs of my favorite shows, I can recall very, very few times where I've watch five hours of television in a single day, let alone every day for life...

Comment Re:God no (Score 1) 62

*Shrug* I personally prefer the PS3 controller (own both systems). The 360 controller still seems big and bulky to me, and the d-pad is pretty much worthless.

The 360 one probably has a better layout, in theory, but for some reason (the two above don't fully answer it), I still prefer the PS3 controller. Not by a huge margin, but, yeah...

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