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US Embassy Categorizes Beijing Air Quality As 'Crazy Bad' 270

digitaldc writes "Pollution in Beijing was so bad Friday the US embassy, which has been independently monitoring air quality, ran out of conventional adjectives to describe it, at one point saying it was 'crazy bad.' The embassy later deleted the phrase, saying it was an 'incorrect' description and it would revise the language to use when the air quality index goes above 500, its highest point and a level considered hazardous for all people by US standards. The hazardous haze has forced schools to stop outdoor exercises, and health experts asked residents, especially those with respiratory problems, the elderly and children, to stay indoors."
The Military

Russia To Help NATO Build Anti-Missile Network 175

Hugh Pickens writes "The Washington Post reports that Russia has agreed to cooperate with NATO on erecting a US-planned anti-missile network in Europe protecting the continent against possible ballistic missile attacks from Iran or elsewhere. The anti-missile coverage would be anchored by a US land- and sea-based deployment, reconfigured by Obama from earlier plans devised under the Bush administration. The new idea would be to link individual national missile defenses into the US network and place them all under a NATO command and control center with authority to respond to an attack. 'We see Russia as a partner, not an adversary,' says President Obama, hailing the NATO-Russian accord. President Dmitri Medvedev warned that Russia's cooperation must be 'a full-fledged strategic partnership between Russia and NATO' and not just a nod in Moscow's direction to spare Russian feelings while Europe tends to its own defenses in tandem with the United States."

Comment It's all Enviromentalist BS (Score 0, Flamebait) 293

People like Obama who basically hate capitalism and individual liberty realized that hydrogen fuel cells are too efficient to allow to freely come to the market. They would require too much electricity and they realize that a bunch of windfarms wouldn't be able to produce it. The only way Hydrogen would work is if we built a lot more nuclear power plants (like France) and that would simply generate way too much cheap and clean energy and would fly in the face of the democrat and big government pet projects like Wind, Solar, and Biofuels. This is why Hydrogen is taking the back seat now with the government and with environmentalists in general.

Comment Re:This is how the government works (Score 1) 1322

What is so bad about generating money? You do realize that the way the "working poor" get better paying jobs is for those jobs to exist, right? You don't just get jobs out of thin air...

Then again I also don't believe in the laws that mandate people go to school. Some people are just dumb. They should be able to go and do things that they can make a living from that don't require book learnin'

That being said, shouldn't it be the student's (or parents') choice if he/she goes to a school that teaches creationism or not? Isn't it dangerous for the government to set curricula? Didn't we call this Propaganda when we saw other countries doing it?

In the absence of mandatory public imprisonment, you would see a large number of private schools with a large number of various philosophies. This is why our citizens (who so desired) used to be highly educated, because it was like this before public education. Hell even the kids on rural farm schools could outperform the "advanced" students of today.

Comment Re:Why do you think they're backing new laws? (Score 1) 334

Well first off you're thinking with a very short sighted perspective, no offense. I've personally seen 1080i HD MPEG4 at 500kbps. It's not widespread by any means, I saw it in a lab at a university. However, we are moving towards better and better compression, which will ease the bandwidth requirements.

Also, with multicasting you would not need hundreds of individual streams for a particular node. In fact, you would end up with about 20 for the 500 homes you're talking about, on average.

Lastly, bandwidth is ever-increasing. 10Gbps fiber rings are getting cheaper by the day. Sure, we're not at the point where you can get 10Gig to the home, even with FTTH providers, but the point is that it isn't that far off. Cable companies are already going 100Gbps over their national video rings. QAM-512 modulation will help the people who only have RF to some extent, as well as bonding. Aside from all the details though, the point is that the streams are getting smaller and the tubes are getting bigger. It is going to happen.

Comment Why do you think they're backing new laws? (Score 1) 334

TV over the internet is coming. Thanks to netflix, it's advancing faster than most people had thought. The biggest hurdle is going to be live broadcasts, but the way encoding is going those should be no problem in the near future. So the real problem is going to come from the government (surprise surprise) when they pass some form of "net neutrality." Like all government programs, this proposed "freedom" will end up simply locking in the current internet service providers and will close the door on any new competition that would allow actual net neutrality. You see, when live TV over the internet is available and a particular company starts to block it, people will simply change service to the internet provider that doesn't block it. With the government involved, that won't be possible, because they will have enough hooks and red tape and kickbacks involved to make sure no new competition is allowed.

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