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Submission + - Genital Herpes Pictures (

pharaoh412 writes: Use genital herpes pictures to help determine if you have contracted herpes. Viewing genital herpes pictures of benefit to you at during early stages herpes. The doctor may also use genital herpes pictures to show you some symptoms.

Submission + - Hydrogen Bomb in Space. ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: USA government detonates a hydrogen bomb in space during the 1960s.

Submission + - SPAM: Advertiser collecting just a wee bit too much data

marmaladeboy writes: Advertising firm Phorm have gone beyond the realm of collecting data via cookies to placing their data collection at the ISP level and using deep packet inspection to collect information on all of the users of that service. Great Britain got wind of this when it was being tested with British Telecom, and the national company, as well as two other ISPs, have now said they will not be using the service. While it may not be taking off there, apparently at least one ISP in Brazil is considering using the service.

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