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Submission + - Twitter starts the video ads (

An anonymous reader writes: Twitter has announced the launch of a test phase of a new advertising format, this time in video.

After a test period, Twitter offers an opportunity for a small number of advertisers testing a new advertising campaign beta. This Promoted Video marked as an improvement For advertisers, Twitter offers a cost not to the number of impressions, but the number of clicks and views of the video.

Submission + - 7 IT Mistakes That Will Get You Fired

snydeq writes: Dan Tynan offers seven true tales of IT pros who screwed up big and got fired quick. 'There are lots of reasons for instant termination. Failure to fulfill your obligation to protect your employer's digital assets or abusing your vast powers for your own nefarious ends are two sure ways to end up on the unemployment line. You could be fired for opening your mouth at the wrong time or not opening your mouth at the right one. Spying on the boss, lying to your superiors, or being directly responsible for the loss of millions of dollars in downtime through your own negligence are all excellent ways to end up on the chopping block.' Got any you would like to share?

Submission + - LinkedIn on Sex Trafficking (

An anonymous reader writes: My name is Andries Vaisman, and I work at BBH Asia Pacific in Singapore. Yesterday, we launched a campaign to promote awareness of sex trafficking using the social network LinkedIn. We thought you might be interested, as this is the first time LinkedIn has been used in such a way.

Dubbed TrickedIn, the campaign focuses on educating the public about the way everyday women are deceived into false jobs and then forced into prostitution. BBH Asia Pacific’s Barn program is behind the scheme in collaboration with Singaporean non-profit Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME).

TrickedIn runs on LinkedIn, as this is the social network where professionals talk about their careers. Our goal is to leverage this format to get the people with the greatest potential for making change to talk about the issue. Users can also visit the project’s website to read up on detailed reports, donate to HOME’s existing shelter, and volunteer to support victims in need of direct assistance.

We created a profile under the name Kim Diya based on true accounts of victims’ experiences. Unfortunately, Kim's account was temporarily restricted last night.

In the few hours that she was made public, Kim's profile made over 150 connections. The story was followed by journalists from Singapore, Hong Kong and Denmark, and viewed by at least 300 registered LinkedIn users.

We are now doing everything we can do to reinstate the profile and continue our efforts to educate the public. Today we published a plea to LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman on our blog asking him to restore the profile:

Please help us spread the word and don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Submission + - Makey Makey Device Turns Anything Into a Controller (

ElectronicHouseGrant writes: "MaKey MaKey is the brainchild of two graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. The duo had the idea to make everyone an inventor—without software, programming or breadboarding. All you need is the MaKey MaKey device, which also comes with alligator clips and a USB cable. Attach the Makey Makey to anything and it turns into a controller for your computer. Use bananas, buckets of water, Play-Doh, even a cat. It looks like it's as fun to use as it is to say."

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