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Submission + - Steve Wozniak visits Israel, experiences rocket attack, "likes the action"... (

An anonymous reader writes: Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder visits Israel for an education conference, a topic which he says "had a profound impact on his life". He also visits the Israeli border town of Sderot, experiences a Hamas rocket attack, and says he likes to be "close to the action". There is also a 5 minute video interview.

Submission + - Any book/reference recommendations for defining an IT disaster recovery plan?

BillyTheKid_10001 writes: In most small business environments it's a hard sell for a complete IT disaster recovery plan. Especially when the business has very little knowledge on the bigger picture, business continuity. Any slashdotters out there with book/reference recommendations on creating an IT DR plan that takes into account the size of business, strategies to incorporate the DR plan into an existing/nonexist business continuity plan?

Submission + - Do-It-Yourself Cellular IDS (

rye writes: For $285, researchers at LMG Security have created a proof-of-concept cellular intrusion detection system by modifying a Verizon Samsung femtocell and redirecting traffic to Snort. They've released instructions and a parts list, as well as the source code, so you can build one, too.

Researcher Sherri Davidoff writes: "Infected smartphones can record surrounding audio, intercept text messages, capture location and usage data, and send all that stolen data back to an attacker... LMG’s project demonstrates that low-cost cellular intrusion detection systems (CIDSs) are not only possible, they are an inexpensive and effective way to combat mobile malware."


Submission + - Get KDE Plasma Active Running on Nexus 7 (

sfcrazy writes: While Canonical does the talk, KDE developers do the walk. Without any funding and huge marketing hype, some KDE developers and managed to run Plasma Active on Google Nexus 7 tablet. It's 'pure' GNU/Linux running on this tablet. I think if KDE has some good money this think could be a killer and bring true GNU/Linux to tablets and smartphones. They are using Mer images and install instructions are there on Mer Wiki.
The Internet

Submission + - File Sharing in the Post MegaUpload Era (

An anonymous reader writes: A report released today looks at file sharing in the post MegaUpload era. The main finding — file sharing did not go away. It did not even decrease much in North America. Mainly, file sharing became staggeringly less efficient. Instead of terabytes of North America MegaUpload traffic going to US servers, most file sharing traffic now comes from Europe over far more expensive transatlantic links.

Submission + - Muon Suite To Be Kubuntu's Software Center (

mukt77 writes: the Muon Suite has been chosen to be the default package manager for Kubuntu 11.10, the Oneiric Ocelot. By the time Kubuntu 11.10 is released the Muon Suite will have had its first birthday. In this year I believe that the Muon Suite has vetted itself, proving to be a robust package manager as well as a stable set of applications. With my Kubuntu developer hat on, I believe that it was a good move to wait a bit before jumping on the "latest and greatest" for its shininess value, though I can’t deny that it would have been neat to have the Muon Suite included a bit sooner

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